Selasa, 30 September 2008

Halloween mask inspiration

Hey ~ Halloween is right around the corner ~ especially if you want to make your own costume! I saw some Mardi Gras masks at one of the antique shows I went to, so that got me thinking ~ I looked around a little and found a few images to inspire you and get you thinking in the Halloween mode ~ 31 days and counting.......

{vintage masks from TiaLori}

{papier mache mardi gras masks}

{great devil mask from Top-notch Bits}

{handmade mask from Irina Troitskaya}

{how about some glamourous glitter? from Guccino}

Minggu, 28 September 2008

Walking the dog

Kismet or Coincidence?!

Whether it be kismet, coincidence or just a case of great minds with the same last name think alike, I was pleasantly surprised to come upon these here. As you can see, the mark I have used in my blog title is similar ~ I am using the one below for my artwork blog which is not up and running yet.

Clip art has been around for a long time ~ these are marks used by a woman photographer in the late 1800's ~ printed on the backside of the CDV's and cabinet cards she made and sold. Mrs. W. A. Reed (Candace McCormick Reed 1818-1900) opened her own photography studio after her husband died ~ she was also a philanthropist who helped many Civil War soldiers. You can read more about women and photography at
kodak girl ~ lots of great visuals and information.

{all images via kodak girl}

Sabtu, 27 September 2008

True-to-life tales from the 50's

Here is a set of "True-to-life stories" written by R.W. Eschmeyer in the 50's ~ six educational and entertaining tales about "fish and game animals and how they are managed for a better hunting and fishing future." As I neither fish nor hunt, I was attracted to these books because of their vintage look and funky illustrations in two colors. The illustrations are drawn by several artists: Roy K. Wills, Francis W. Davis, Maynard Reece and Edwin Fulwider ~ I liked the ones by Roy Wills the best as they are the most stylized ~ a few are shown below.

Don't know if I will ever get around to actually reading the books, but at least one of the titles would make a great name for a porn star!

{great cover designs/graphics}

{funky 2 color spot illustrations}

Rabu, 24 September 2008

Grainne Morton ~ Jewelry artist

Recently I saw a post on Daily Poetics about Grainne Morton's jewelry ~ what a wonderful way to wear a collection of found objects! Grainne's work is a combination of small obscure elements along with complimentary handmade objects such as enamel work, miniature drawings and punched metal shim. This jewelry is especially appealing to me since I collect many of the same kinds of objects. What an inspiration! Even a little reverse painted scottie charm has made it into a brooch!

{all images via Grainne Morton}

Siamese cars

Senin, 22 September 2008

Simple pleasures

When I go to flea markets or antique shows, I usually don't carry a shopping list ~ I just go with an open mind and see what I unearth ~ consequently, I end up with a weird assortment of finds. I do kind of keep certain things in the back of my mind ~ buttons, threads, sewing notions, etc. ~ since I use some of these in my work, and the graphics and packaging are usually interesting, it is always a welcome surprise when these are found on a trip. An added bonus is that this sort of thing is usually pretty inexpensive, so guilt-free purchasing ~ might as well stock up! I am such a shameless hoarder!

Below are a few purchases from the show at John Knox Village several weekends ago ~ I think they must have come from an old shop or factory as there was quite a selection ~ I especially like the graphics on the labels and box.

{spools of gimp ~ anyone know if this is still made and where to get more?}

{great label designs!}

3 legged man?

Jumat, 19 September 2008

Antique Show season begins!

Who am I fooling?! ~ for me it is antique season all year round! ~ if there isn't a show, I can usually manage to find an antique shop or mall I haven't been to in awhile in order to get my fix. Really though, there ARE alot of great antique shows during autumn ~ at least there are in the Kansas City area.
Below are some shots from a biannual show at John Knox Village last weekend. The show is not a huge one and it is only one day, but the dealers that participate have great offerings! The lighting at the show isn't great for taking photos ~ or for accurate color ~ I bought some silk thread on spools that I thought was black ~ when I got home and saw it in natural light, it is actually olive!

{who can resist a doll in a bowl?}

{or an attractive grouping of feminine pretties?}

{loved the colors in this quilt}

{missed out on the fabulous crispy(paint) saint ~ already sold!}

{interesting religious paraphernalia}

{antique spectacles and leather cases}

{great tramp art frame}

{decorative graphics}

{wonderful saucy sock doll}

When I get a chance I will be posting some more photos from this show AND some of the things I purchased. For now, I am going to hit the hay so I can get up early and go to Antiques on the Common in Greenwood, MO tomorrow! A good weekend to all!

Rabu, 17 September 2008

Selasa, 16 September 2008

One That Got Away

I'm sure that any of you that go to flea markets or antique shows and collect things have at one time or another had the experience of passing something by and then realizing you can't stop thinking about it ~ so, back you go to buy it and it is GONE! Worse than that is to actually witness someone else purchasing said piece!! Even more horrific when that person is someone you know, but not well enough to be able to visit the item!!!!

Below is one of those items ~ all I have to remember it by are these two photos. Honestly, it is good that I didn't spend the $150, but that still doesn't wipe the memory from my head. Why, oh why, did I pass it by?! Now I will probably go into the dangerous "buy when you see ~ don't hesitate" mode ~ yikes! ~ my poor bank account!
{lovely old handwritten equation ledger from the early 1800's}

Senin, 15 September 2008

Fabulous Frights ~ Decor for your Dungeon!

These are just the coolest decor you can find for Halloween ~ even more amazing in person! Whether you call it lenticular art or magic motion, these portraits change back and forth from each image depending on your viewpoint ~ not quite the quintessential "portrait with watching eyes" but just as creepy! Check out the whole family gallery here.

This weekend I made a trip to Curious Sofa to check out their Halloween fare ~ this is where I found my very own "Aunt Madeline" and "Grandpa Esbat". These don't come with frames, so I thought it would be fun to make some of my own out of painted and glittered black chipboard.

{all images via haunted memories}

EMT bathroom break

Selasa, 09 September 2008

Fabulous Find #9 ~ Trim Sample Book

Last week at the flea market in Sparks I found a pretty neat trimmings sample book from 1958 ~ while it isn't in the greatest of shape ~ there are missing pages and some I'm not too fond of ~ the price was right, so I decided I'd add it to my collection. I didn't bother to show any of the ugly pages! There has got to be something I can come up with to do with this book ~ any ideas?