Kamis, 29 Januari 2009

Go 'Gain


The crocheted card dress I posted about yesterday reminded me of this book I bought about a year ago ~ The Complete Book of Retro Crafts. Many of the finished crafts in the book are rather scary to me ~ probably because I know I made some of them and my mom has them squirreled away somewhere just waiting for me to be famous so she will have some things for the museum in my honor! I actually have a piece (maybe more than one) of macaroni art that I did in art school ~ maybe I will post a photo of them someday.

Below is the cover and a couple of spreads from the book ~ there are quite alot of good ideas and tips for the craftster ~ organizing, collecting & displaying in addition to a whole bunch of nearly forgotten projects. This book will keep you busy for many a rainy day ~ enjoy!

{popsicle sticks, sock monkeys, bottle caps, paint by number ~ a plethora of craft ideas}

{dress up that drab basket purse that is hiding in the back of your closet}

{great ways to recycle paper goods}

{better than that ship in a bottle}

{Quick as a wink crafts and practical leather lacing}

Tribal Prints

junya watanabe tribal print dress
Junya Watanabe - Spring Summer 09

roberto cavalli tribal printed dress Roberto Cavalli - Spring Summer 09

vivienne westwood red label tribal print Vivienne Westwood Red Label Spring Summer 09

pictures from http://www.style.com/

This spring and summer, designers have taken inspiration from traditional African prints and patterns for a striking and stylish look. The palette of colours includes rich earthy tones, greens and yellows with lighter neutrals. The key to this look is keeping it soft. Chiffons and silks work well and drape beautifully. Opt for floor skimming dresses and assymetrical lines for a really feminine take on this trend.

Accessorise with African inspired pieces. Look for intricate beading, feathers, pendants and charms. Bright, earthy and copper coloured accessories will also look great with this trend.

sunny meadow art glass choker

This Sunny Meadows Art Glass Choker will look amazing with a print that includes greens or oranges.

copper jah bird earringsThese Copper Jah Bird Earrings will go perfectly with the red and orange tones in an African inspired print.
red orange leather oval handbagThis handcrafted leather bag will compliment the earthy tones of an African inspired print perfectly. The intricate stitching and detail will addsome exotic character to any outfit.

Visit www.thebeauty-life.com for a whole range of beautiful and unique handcrafted accessories.

Live Life to the Max

Maxi dresses are back again for spring summer 09 and I can't wait. The maxi dress is the piece of clothing that most symbolises long, warm, relaxed summer days and sunny garden parties. They are great for adding a bit of glamour for day or evening. If you are tall, there is no shortage of maxi dresses that will look amazing on you.

You can wear a maxi dress with flat shoes or sandals for an easy to wear but stylish outfit. For shorter people or petites, the maxi style can be a bit more tricky, but can still look great. Look for a style of maxi dress that is not too full in the skirt and wear with chunky wedge heels for a look that will lengthen your body.

The maxi dress is a very feminine style but can also be used to create a boho, folk or seventies inspired outfit by accessorising with a fringed bag and lots of chunky bangles.

By Malene Birger Grape Print Maxi Dress - this dress just radiates style. It will look amazing for summer teamed with these Bronze Leather Sandals.

This romantic Rene Dehry Dress has beading under the bust and straps that crossover at the back. It would be perfect for a Valentines night with the man you love. This Copper and Brass Humming Bird Pendant will really complete the look.

Rabu, 28 Januari 2009

Fresh Twist on a Vintage Craft

I've always been intrigued with these crocheted card boxes, but rarely find any I just have to have. Those shown below I found on Flickr since I don't have any of my own.

Look at this amazing crochet card dress! What a great twist on a sometimes scary craft! I found this over at whipup several days ago - if you are unfamiliar with that site, make sure to visit. Robyne from Australia made this lifesize dress out of vintage baby cards - check out her site to see what else she is up to.

{image from here}

Selasa, 27 Januari 2009

Are You Camera Ready? - Fashion Tips on Always Looking Your Best

Here are 7 fashion tips on always being camera ready:

Plan your attire each week. You can select one trouser and 5 different tops and blouses. Or you can decide to be versatile and alternate between a dress, a skirt or trousers with interchanging top or blouses. When you plan what you are going to wear suddenly you dig out of your wardrobe clothes you have not worn in ages and you are able to match it up with something you never thought of wearing it with before.

When putting together new outfits,try them on the night before to ensure that it works. Nothing is more disorienting than discovering that your planned outfit does not look as smashing as you thought. Other than delaying you, this simply panics you into grabbing the first thing you can put your hand on.

Find at least 4 different looks for the same top or trousers by wearing different fashion accessories, coats", jackets etc. When you can do this well, suddenly you find that -less is more- and that you do not need tonnes of clothes to dress well, just key quality pieces.

Invest in some statement jewellery which transforms simple clothing into glamorous looks. Handcrafted jewellery pieces are a must as they are usually unique jewellery pieces and sometimes one of a kind.

Head scarves and hair accessories are so important on those bad hair days. The trick is to have many headscarves so that you can find one that will compliment an outfit. Go for a mixture of plain coloured, multi coloured, patterned, striped, polkadots etc.

Use the winter sales to stock up on Tightsplease. Not just your traditional grey and black but get some funky tights with some funky colours and patterns. This will give you more versatility in planning your wardrobe as you can now include skirts and dresses in your weekly ensemble.

Nourish your hair and skin on a daily basis to attain naturally better skin and hair. It is all well and good to use external products but nourishing our bodies from the inside results in less extensive outer body work. Supplements such as aloe vera gel and royal jelly tablets go a long way in improving skin elasticity and hair condition. When we are healthy from the inside it shows on the outside.

So be camera ready and take advantage of spontaneous, spur of the moment opportunities that come your way. Looking good makes you feel good.

Click here to read complete article

Senin, 26 Januari 2009

His & Hers Antiques

A few weekends ago Dick and I decided we needed a junking/antique fix, so we headed to the River Market Antique Mall amidst our Saturday errands ~ of course we spent much more time at the antique mall than we did doing errands ~ a great way to procrastinate!

{River Market Antique Mall in Kansas City, MO}

Needless to say, I use the blog as an excuse to get out and keep up with any and all antique malls, flea markets and antique shows! So, armed with my trusty camera, we set out to explore the three story mall ~ it had actually been several months since my last visit so there were all sorts of things I didn't remember seeing before. Strangely enough, when I got home and looked at the photos I had taken, they sort of naturally fell into either a his or her category ~ I like both of course, but being someone who like things in order, I had to categorize them! At any rate, I think there would be something for everyone at the mall ~ below are some of the things I found interesting for one reason or another.

{HIS ~ Taxidermy trophies}

{HIS ~ beaten up bowling pins}
I guess I was drawn to these as we had recently seen There Will Be Blood with Daniel Day Lewis ~ in case you haven't seen it, all I'll say is that there is a creepy bowling scene in that movie.

{HIS ~ Cigar boxes}

{HIS ~ vintage film projectors}

{HIS ~ great graphics ~ I 'm sure the name refers to galoshes}

{HIS & HERS ~ vintage schoolroom cubby organizer}

{HIS ~ oil filter display ~ great for garage organizing}

{HERS ~ vintage dyes & display}

{HIS & HERS ~ apothecary shelves and drawers}
Also notice the cute little tin red and white play appliances ~ in upper right corner of shelves.

{HERS ~ Little Beauty play stove}

{HERS ~ colorful curlers for a girls' coiffure}

{HERS ~ Stepford wife mannequins}

{HIS & HERS ~ Sacred Heart Mary & Jesus}

{HIS & HERS ~ crosses}

Meat grinder gun

Qui Est Sans-Culottes?

A Mountain Cat Dwelling Among Mountains

Wandering lost upon the mountains of our choice
Again and again we sigh for an ancient south
For the warm nude ages of instinctive poise
For the taste of joy in the innocent mouth.

Asleep in our huts, how we dream of a part
In the glorious balls of the future; each intricate maze
Has a plan, and the disciplined movements of the heart
Can follow for ever and ever its harmless ways.

We envy streams and houses that are sure;
But we are articled to error; we
Were never nude and calm like a great door,

And never will be perfect like the fountains;
We live in freedom by necessity,
A mountain people dwelling among mountains.

Jumat, 23 Januari 2009

Feral Cat Friday

Model citizen, zero discipline.

Sale Clearance at Littlewoods

Hurry and take advantage of Littlewoods clearance sale with up to 80% on selected items. This Trinny and Susannah silk dress is now only £27.00 down from £89.00

The neckline on this beautiful dress will flatter bigger-boobed women while the skirt area sweeps over big thighs. Don't miss out ..... Hurry while stocks lasts.