Senin, 26 April 2010

One basic tee and jeans - four looks

How can you get three looks from one basic tee and jeans? The answer lies in your jackets and accessories such as shoes, belts, jewellery. When Gok Wan talks about the 24 piece capsule wardrobe, it sounds incredible to operate with such a limited wardrobe and still find different looks. The first thing that comes to mind is "Gosh I'd have to wear the same clothes everyday". The idea is that the pieces in your capsule wardrobe should be interchangeable with each other. Sounds like some sort of fashion currency but it does actually work especially when you have quality pieces that flatter your body shape. Less is definely more when it comes to your capsule wardrobe.

Lets take your basic tee and jeans.  This is a basic mustard coloured long sleeve tee shirt and a pair of denims which can be worn on its own or teamed with three different jackets to create different looks.  For the more dressy look go for the long brown corduroy coat.  I just love the inner lining of this coat which really accents well with the yellow tee.  High heeled shoes is perfect for this look. The yellow jacket is an absolute show stopper.  This short or cropped jacket in yellow with it's extravagant sleeves can really add "flair" to your outfit.  The most casual of all the looks is the denim jacket which depending on the occasion can be worn with flat summer shoes or sandals and turned up jeans hem.  Again the trim of this denim jacket sets off nicely against the yellow tee.  

So 5 pieces, 4 looks and you still have 19 pieces to mix and match from your capsule wardrobe.  Does not sound so impossible after all.  Imagine creating even more looks with this basic tee and denim by accessorizing with belts, unusual jewellery, head scarfs and shoes?

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Selasa, 20 April 2010

Beautiful Beaded Beads

Speaking of treats, a few weeks ago I treated myself to not one, but two pairs of impeccably made beaded bead earrings from tqbdesigns. Lisa Gastelum is the artist/designer who makes these beautiful pieces ~ each bead is woven by hand using a traditional gourd stitch ~ many of the metal components are handcrafted as well. Lisa has a large selection of unique styles and colors to choose from ~ the hard part is making a choice! Visit her website and her blog to see more of her work or treat yourself to something special at her etsy store.

Below are a few more examples of Lisa's work ~ these are even more beautiful in person! All images shown are from tqbdesigns ~ beautiful photography as well!

{pendant necklaces}

{lovely linked bracelet}

{next on my wish list!}

Senin, 19 April 2010

Dog Day Afternoon

Sprocket certainly enjoyed his 2nd birthday this past Saturday. As it was a glorious spring day, we set out for a shopping spree at 3 Dog Bakery on the Plaza ~ Sprocket made several new friends and picked out birthday treats to share with his closest friends, Grrrdy & Speck. Grrrdy is one of Sprocket's sisters ~ you can read more here; Speck is Sprocket's best buddy and adopted brother.

After shopping we headed to Sprocket's sister's house for a birthday visit ~ Grrrdy had a treat to share too!

After chowing down on the birthday cake, Grrrdy & Sprocket played party games and chased each other all over the yard.

Playing ball and chasing things makes one thirsty, so drinks were served up next.

After all of the fun & games, Sprocket had to say his goodbyes & thank yous to Grrrdy and her family as he had one more friend to celebrate with before the day ended.

{Sprocket & Speck sharing the last treats of the day ~ what a happy day!}

No the Humanity

Kamis, 15 April 2010

No Amensty

The boyfriend blazer

The boyfriend clothes trend has now widened to include the boyfriend blazer.  First it was the boyfriend shirt and tees then the boyfriend trousers including the boyfriend jeans and now we have moved on to the boyfriend blazer.  But the trend has not stopped there as we are now on to wearing boyfriend accessories like the boyfriend watch   So if you are freeling really cheeky why not buy your boyfiriend, brother, husband, or father a boyfriend accessory for their birthday or father's day which you are just dying to wear

But I must say that the boyfriend clothes trend is not new for me as growing up with three older brothers, I did wear my brothers shirts and tee shirts quite often as it always seemed fashionable.  So can we label that the brother clothes trend?  Must say that I didn't entertain wearing their trousers though as I simply would not have fitted into them.  Then I guess the idea is for the boyfriend trousers to be oversized anyway.  

How to wear the boyfriend blazers
Roll up the sleeves in your boyfriend jacket as no doubt it may well be too long.  Additionally when it is nicely lined on the inside this is a great way of showing off this detail.  I always find that inner linings of jackets are sometimes far nicer than the jacket itself and always wish that it was reversible.

Like anything else you can always glam up or rather feminize your boyfriend style blazers with jewellery pendants, metallic shoes, and  unique designer handbags

Boyfriend blazers are very versatile and can be worn with your basic tee and jeans, for a more feminine look go for a ruffled blouse.  The boyfriend jacket is key outerwear for shorts, mini dress and footless tights and leggings the trendier the tights the better.

Where to find boyfriend blazers
Other than your boyfriend's, husband's or brothers' closets you can find boyfriend blazers in a charity or vintage clothing shop.  But of course since the trend ladies boyfriend blazers are now available in your high street stores in your size ladies.  But I still think there is a certain charm to actually donning your boyfriend's blazer.

Rabu, 14 April 2010

Tax Time ~ ugh!

April 15th snuck up on me this year ~ I am ashamed to admit that I have had to get an extension and prolong the misery! I have devised a rather inventive way to organize my taxes ~ out of necessity rather than cleverness.
Over the past several months we have been working on a large home project ~ fixing the cause of sagging ceilings and flooring the attic so that it can be used for storage. Because of this project, the rest of my house is filled with all sorts of items I plan on putting in the attic ~ BUT, the stairsteps are all cleared off to allow the contractors access to the attic thus providing me with the only available space to organize my paper work. Unfortunately, the system is not dogproof, nor did it ensure my success at completing my taxes on time. Curses!

{Synchronicity Stairstep Organizational System}

Senin, 12 April 2010

Sex and the City Movie 2 Trailer - meet the fashion personalities

There are few films and sitcoms that I can enjoy over and over again and among others like Frasier and Friends, Sex and the City is another.  Just last night I caught a snippet of the first Sex and the City The Movie again on Sky Movies and always manage to lol (laugh out loud) at the scene where Carrie beats "Mr Big" on the head with her bridal bouquet.  The first time I saw that scene I was saddened but each time after that it seemed hilarious.

What I like about Sex and the City is the glitz and glamour of the fashion personalities of the characters. The characters Samantha, Carrie, Miranda and Charlette are on the cutting edge of high fashion with their Prada accessories and Manolo shoes.

Samantha is the dramatic personality who loves to be noticed. She is a sensual dresser, likes architectural designs, bold prints, bright colours and statement jewellery. Any wonder that she is in P.R.

Carrie is very ecletic in her approach and for her anything goes. She is very versatile when it comes to dressing and can move from vintage to classic to dramatic in a heart beat.  With Carrie it is all about the shoes and everything else is as fluid as her writing.

Miranda is your classic personality and dresses just as practically as the lawyer in her thinks. She chooses well cut suits and classic fashion that never goes out of style. Her only extravagance really is her bright red hair which in the last season have been matched up with quite a few colourful outfits.

And Charlotte, your romantic personality who longingly awaits her knight in shining armour and the whole nine yards. Charlotte the home maker and stickler for etiquette iis your Brie Van Der Kamp from Desperate Housewifes. She is the perfect hostess, always immaculately put together with frills and ruffles, paisley prints, gingham binding, sweetheart necklines and lots of skirts cut on the bias.

Minggu, 11 April 2010

The trench coat - big trend for spring summer 2010

The trench coat, a military style jacket associated with investigative dramas and spy thrillers like Sherlock Holmes etc. should be on your hot list this spring summer. The trench is a classic coat that never goes out of style so you can consider it part of your capsule wardrobe. I love how it cinches at the waist to provide shape and structure or can be worn open for a more casual appearance.

Designer John Galliano of Christian Dior in character on the catwalk portraying the classic military, spy thriller interpretation of the trench coat.  Photo from

With the trench coat being one of my must haves for this spring summer 2010, I have been doing a bit of window shopping online to see what I like. Here are some hot picks variations of the trench coat available on the high street in order of my favorites.  I am in love with the first one, the black print wrap mac by Jaeger Square.

Print Wrap Mac, Black
flared jacket
trench coat, sand colour
classic double breasted trench coat

What did the catwalks have to offer in terms of trenches? Well Burberry, though last on the catwalk at London fashion week, led from the front with the trench coat trend. One guess as to the favorite colour for this trend. Yes neutral, neutral, neutral!!!!
Burberry's take on the trench coat trend spring summer 2010  Photos from

Other designers like Christian Dior also featured in the trench coat look. Photos from

Now that it looks as if the long bitter winter is behind us finally we can put away those woolly jumpers and thick winter coats and bring on the lightweight jackets and coats. I have had my suitcase of spring summer clothes in my bedroom for weeks waiting to clear our my winter wardrobe and bring out the summer clothing.  I think I will be spring cleaning my wardrobe tonight.