Minggu, 27 Desember 2009

New years partywear

If you have not choosen your new years partywear yet then the winter sales is a great place to find the outfit you need to ring in the new year. Stick to outfits that flatter your bodyshape and suit the occasion rather than those that are cheap and which you you will only wear once.

new year party wear, black jump suit
Go for classical clothing like this belted jump suit that will last a lifetime and which you will be able to wear year after year - though not at the same occasions of course. If your wardrobe is lacking that little black dress then browse the sales for a good quality well cut little black dress - no wardrobe should be without one. For those who already have that little black dress then go for that little black jump suit if your wardrobe is lacking evening wear trouser suits. This slash neck crepe dress is sure to dazzle and sparkle at your new years eve party.

little balck dress,sequin partywear,sequin dress
Accessorize with this sophisticated black evening bag and handmade rock crystal bracelet from Munique Fashions or with this vintage style barrel necklace for a truly vintage look.

vintage style necklace,vintage necklace
rock crystal bracelet,semi precious bracelet
evening bag,ladies evening bag,black evening bag

Your capsule wardrobe and the winter sales

We all anxiously await the annual sales - winter sales, summer sales, autumn sales. Some line up for hours early in the morning to be the first inside their store of choice. But with many sales starting online on christmas day it is so much easier to let your fingers do the walking and not have to jossle for parking space, join long lines for the changing rooms or line up to cash your items. The great thing about online shopping is that you can do it from the comfort of your living room.

black top,black blouse
This plaited trim top would certainly suit the body shape of Susannah but not Trini. Just a reminder to buy what is flattering for your body shape and avoid the pitfalls of online bargains.

Avoid the pitfalls of shopping in sales and online bargains

Whether shopping online or browsing the store sales it is important to stick to certain rules to avoid the pitfalls of shopping in sales. To ensure that you only buy clothing and fashion accessories that truly flatter you and most importantly that you need, identify gaps in your capsule wardrobe and know what you are looking to buy. I am sure you made a shopping list for christmas so do the same for your sale shopping to be sure that you will not be adding more of the same to your wardrobe.

Make a list of your wardrobe needs.

For me I know that I need v neck and cowl neck knitwear, camisoles and a strapless bra. At the same time I know how much I can afford to spend. It is important to set yourself a budget and not overspend.

If you are fortunate enough to have no gaps in your wardrobe then see if the prices are reduced on your wish list items. I am forever adding items to my wish list but do remember to revisit your wish list periodically. Wish lists do indeed save you the time of having to search for the item again on the internet. So use your wish list facilities which is available on most websites.