Senin, 31 Mei 2010

Memorial Day Symbol

As we celebrate Memorial Day and honor those that have given their lives for our country, the flag is flown in remembrance. I thought I would share a few images from a book I have that is a wonderful graphic history of the American flag ~ Long May She Wave, still available here. The images below depict political collectibles, postcards, advertising, and a poster, just a few of the ways the flag has been graphically translated to formats other than a fabric flag ~ one can be patriotic in many different ways!

{all images from book}

101 Perfumes For YOU!

Make sure you choose the right perfume for you. Don't just stylish, the fragrance can attract people around you. A lot of people doesn't care about perfume that they were using. Not just deodorant, but perfume itself is also important and gives its own definition!

Suitable with you who always active. Suitable to be use when you do restless activity because combination of sweat and perfume make you looks confident to perform. This perfume also can help you to vanish body odour when you are sweating. Such as Tommy Hilfilger, Hugo Boss and etc.

This perfume can attract 'the one' to be close with you. Don't just look smart or beauty on the outside but body odour must be parallel with your outside (physical). Such as Polo, Bvlgari, DKNY and etc.

Be the cool man in every situation. Your perfume can attract anyone  next to you. This odour is soft and usually come from fruity smell like green apple and etc. You can try perfume brand like Clinique, Escada Sentimen, Armani, and etc

Truly Man
The smell presents the truly man. Suitable to be use when you ionvolve in formal situation. This has strong odour but still have the attraction like Dunhill, Loewe and etc.

Tips :

  • Spray the perfume after shower so that it will look freshy.
  • Spray on the main part such as wrist, neck and behind knee. This part is the important part in a way to spread the fragrance to all over the body.
  • Avoid spray it straight onto the clothes because the smells will not long lasting and will just damage your clothes.
  • Don;t use too much perfume because it can gives bad effect to people aroundyou.
  • Don;t mix up perfume in one time because the results will be uncomfortable.
  • Perfume that keep too long, the smells will be not as same as at the first. The colour also change to yellowish. So, don't keep perfume in a long duration.
Source : Remaja  Magazine

Volume Your Hair

Hair Rolling
Use to give volume on hair (big roll) and gives curly impact on the hair. (small roll)

Funnel tool which is use with hair dryer. The shape of the funnel let hot air from hair dryer to be blown out and spread around the hair. When you use diffuser, bow down and crumple up your hair with your finger.

Hot Brush
This is the brush which is set on the hair dryer. When you use it, hair will be push up with the brush until hot air from thehair dryer can reach to the stem to make hair stay expanding.

Styling Foam
Put on the hair and brush it until it become even. Then, dry your hair and squeeze a little with fingers when it is blow. Don't let it dry in natural way because it gives wet look and flatten on the head.

Special porduct to gives additional volume on hair with expanding piece of hair until it looks thick. Spray on the stem and brush all around before blow it. Make it carefully to make sure the volume results successfully.

Minggu, 30 Mei 2010

Curvy Here...Curvy There...


The tummy can be the hardest area in your body to maintain or shape up. But that definitely doesnt mean that you cant wear what you want and look AMAZING in it.
Loose, flowing tops allow breathing room but with the slim sleeves, your shape can still be highlighted (for the best of course). It also gives a relaxed yet elegant boho look.
Again, loose fitting and flowing dresses swing over your tummy to hide those possible tummy troubles. And they're really fun to run around and twirl in. Again, you'll have the boho look but definitely works.
I know how hard it can be to find a great looking jacket that will hide what I hate about my tummy. Swing jackets button just above your stomach. It doesn't constrict or hug any of the wrong spots (definitely a plus).
If you're really into skirts but you cant seem to find the right one, a pleated skirt could work really well. The decorative aspect of the skirt draws attention away from your mid-section (and they look cute with just about any look).
Since its getting chilly now, sweaters are almost a MUST. But of course you don't want anything that could make your midsection look unsightly. An A-line shaped sweater makes a cute, trendy hoodie look but its a LOT comfier.


If you have curvy thighs, you might be the type to try to cover everything up. The long over-sized tops and baggy pants are things of the past. Some of you may not even DREAM of wearing a skirt but its always possible.
A longer (sometimes over sized) top that hits just above your thighs shows off your legs without covering everything up.
A belted smock dress shows off your middle but glides over your thighs (totally cute too!).
A cropped cut jacket has a sexy and chic look and it balances off your lower half.
An A-line skirt hides the curviest part of your body but the flouncy flow of it disguises it in the prettiest way.
A long sweater coat (one that comes up just above your knees) flows over (and yes, hides) the sides of your thighs making them look smaller and more sculpted.


Curvy girls may HATE some parts of their body but they can look just as beautiful in the clothes they love as everyone else.
Tops are sometimes the hardest thing to find that fits perfectly and makes you feel great about yourself. A fitted V-neck skims over your curves and it shows a little skin too. It's comfy, casual, yet can be dressed up and it goes with any kind of style.
An A-line dress is really comfy. It doesn't cling to any of the "wrong" spots. Adding a belt can be a great way to accentuate your waist. No more going without that perfect (and cute) and dress.
Belted wrap jackets clings slightly (but doesn't squeeze) your waist. It's really elegant and can either be dressed up or dressed down.
Pencil skirts aren't only cute and stylish, but they'll show off your legs and it'll even make you look slimmer.
Some people dread buying sweaters because getting the wrong one could make the trouble areas stand out. A sweater jacket with a slight A-line shape balances out your curves and goes with anything.

Source : Hubpages

Apple Shaped Women

By bringing the waistline of your dresses and tops to your rib cage, the effect seen in empire waist clothes, you get a shapely figure. So focus on empire waist dresses and blouses. They flatter you.

  1. Start with a new dress. Prints or plain. Colored or neutral. It doesn't matter, other than the fact that it has a high waistline and is in a color or colors that flatter you.
  2. Detract from you thick waist by drawing the eye to your arms and legs. You blouse should have full sleeves. The hems of the sleeves should be full and flowy. A longish blouse or top that has an empire waist, but flares below to a full hemline is another plus for you. Pick one such blouse, sheer, or lacy or made of a velvet or silk. Either way, if it is flowy and full in the right places, you'll look more feminine in it.
  3. Get one of the black lace dresses that are so hot this season. Pick one with full sleeves, with wide hemlines at the end of each sleeve. Get it in floaty lace, with an empire waist of course. A full hemline for the skirt wouldn't hurt either. Make that your de facto little black dress.
  4. Load up on the accessories. Wear earrings to draw attention to your pretty face. Wear bangles to bring the eye to your arms instead of your waist. Wear stunning shoes, or boots that would complete your look. 
  5. Get on of this season's pretty belts and use that to cinch your dresses and jackets at the narrowest part of your ribcage. 
  6. Avoid tops with a lot of detailing and ruffling or rouching. Keep it simple and clean with soft flowing fabrics.
  7. Do not wear very tight or clingy synthetic tops that enhance your problematic areas.
  8. Go for light colors for you lowers and wear darker shades on top.
  9. Use detailing, pleating, etc on your skirt or pant to attract attention there.
  10. V-necks will make your bosoms look smaller.
  11. Wear a wrap top to cover your stomach. Using layering in the same color and fabric here will have a slimming effect.
  12. Under no circumstances wear anything shoulder padded. Wear thin and light materials on top only.
Source :

Sabtu, 29 Mei 2010

The Alphabet of Flowers

Spotted this on ebay today and thought it would be nice to add to my collection of old books ~ I love old alphabet books and I have never seen one like this before. The Alphabet of Flowers is from 1860 and is a wrapped paper book for children with beautiful illustrations ~ kind of amazing that it is in such good shape. Alas, too rare and expensive for my pocketbook ~ especially after I've spent the last two days picking up a few things here and there!

{buy it now for $146.25 ~ sale ends soon 6/1 or 2/2010}

Kamis, 27 Mei 2010

Get sex and the city movie 2 looks from Debenhams

The way in which the story of these personalities is told through the use of fashion is so well constructed and continuously played out. Samantha is your dramatic dresser - your look at me personality while Miranda is your practical dresser in classic, safe black. Charlotte is your romantic personality in girlie pink and Carrie madame eclectic style wears neon lime green in a style as fluid as her personality.

For me sex and the city the movie is a never ending fashion show which gets better and better with every movie. It's truly liberating when you find your own style and know how to adapt trends to suit your personality and style.  It's great to emulate as long as you are mindful that every fad and fashion does not suit you. At the same time I leave myself open to try new styles and expand my capsule wardrobe.

So which fashion personality are you? I like to think that I am a little of all. I love classic fashion as it never goes out of style and simply adore unique fashion accessories that would get me noticed like Samantha. I'm also fast becoming a romantic dresser with the sweet heart necklines, gore skirts, frills and lace as I have been trying out the romantic nude look this summer. I do eclectic by mixing patterns but am afraid I'm not as daring at eclectic as Carrie can be.

 Photos from  the Huffingtonpost

If you're looking to find your sex and the city look then Debenhams is a great place to start. They've teamed up with Sex and the City 2 to bring you some fabulous summer looks inspired by the new movie. From party dresses to holiday glamour, to special occasion to summer in the city you will be spoilt for choice.

The movie hits the big screen tomorrow May 28.   I can't wait to hear what you thought about the movie.

Rabu, 26 Mei 2010

Skunk Swat Team

This past weekend there was a bit of excitement in my neighborhood ~ it included a speeding car, a crash, and a man with a gun breaking into a house and hiding out for hours while police cordoned off the area and worked to stabilize the situation. If you are so inclined you can read the full story or view the video that includes an exclusive interview with my boyfriend here.

So why the image of the skunk? It was the weekend of the neighborhood garage sale, so we happened to be perusing our neighbor's goods while discussing the events of above. At the time, the man who crashed the car was holed up in the house and the police were trying to figure ways to get him to come out. Our neighbor's 9 year old red-headed girl was taking all of it in, then announced to the group gathered that she had a solution ~ the police should send a skunk in so he could stink the guy out! Hey, not such a bad idea ~ why not have a Skunk Swat Team?

{That's one bad sCENT!}

Skirts you want....

It is just hard to find the right skirt, as it is to find the right pair of jeans....

Great for : Pear-shaped lovelies. Those who are bigger in the lower half ought to go for A-line skirts to help slenderise their curves. A skirt that lies across the tummy in a stiffer fabric will flatter your bod and not cling to those bulges.

Great for : Petite, and/or long-legged fillies. If you're got great pins, flaunt them in a mini. But, it could be unflattering to petite girls because mini can make you look a bit stunted.


Great for : Absolutely everybody. Skirts right now are asymmetrical and unevenly cut - meaning one side of the hem is usually higher than the other and elongates the figure by showing more of one leg.


Great for : Straight, boyish figures. The folds of the fabrics create the illusion of a curvier figure for those with a straight silhouette and slim hips. Curvier gals should avoid this, as pleats can add more bulk to an hourglass frame.


Great for : All, except those with short legs. A long skirt can hide a myriad flaws (chunky calves, big thighs). The skirt should sit just below the ankle so it doesn't sweep the floor. Those with shorter legs may look stunted in this skirt.

Great for : You, me and all the world. The most flattering of skirts. Normally, the side hem is sewn diagonally across the weave of the cloth creating a flowy form which shows off your figure.

Great for : Those with the very few curves. A drawstring waist allows you to adjust the waist size as well as the level you'd like the skirt to sit on your hips. Plus a gathered waistband adds bulk to the hips giving you a fuller figure.

Great for : Wide waist. To hide a wide waist, reach for a wrap skirt to attract attention to your shapely gams. As you walk or while sitting, the flap of the wrap should move along with your legs and be roomy around the thigh area.

Great for : Slim hip-py chicks. This has a gathered waistline so big-hipped gals should avoid this. A longer version is great for an evening do; while a knee-grazer is more casual. Skip mid-calf or longer-lenghts to avoid looking fuddy-duddy.

Great for : proportionate figures. A loose-fitting pencil skirt disguises a fleshy tummy and butt, drawing eyes to your legs. If you've wide hips, wear a long blazer over the skirt in a monochromatic shade to conceal.

Source : Cleo Magazine

Selasa, 25 Mei 2010

Pecerption VS Reality

No Need To Take Care

Perception : My skins don't have any problem. Moreover, minimum protection don't even effect my skins. In fact, why I must spend lot of money to get branded cleanser? Use body soap is enough.

Reality : Eventhough your skin don't have any problem, but must remember that the part is very sensitive. Preferably, avoid or stop using soap to clean your face expecially body soap. Other than detergen in the soap, it can absorb natural oil on the face and make the skins go dry.

Don't Wash Your Face At Night

Perception : The whole day at office, do hard task makes your body  feel tired. This situation give impact to facial protection routine. It back from office late at night, I seldom wash my face and not even apply any creme before sleep. Furthermore, someone said no need to wash face at night!

Reality : What you can do before sleep, make sure you clean your wash from make up or any dirt. This is to avoid dirt or make up still on your face until pimples appear. Then, don't forget to use night creme before sleep.

Moisturizer Don't Need SPF

Perception : I will not go out without use some make up. So, everytime before apply make up, I will apply some moisturizer to make my face still moisture. Make up which have SPF makes me choose moisturizer that doesn't have any SPF because SPF in make up is just enough.

Reality : Our skins needs natural sunshine (morning). But the sunshine stream after 9 am will harm your skin in long term. Moisturizer without SPF which often use can't replace with moisturizer with SPF (minimum SPF 15). So, maybe now you don't have any problem to stand under sunshine.

Night Creme Not Important

Perception : Someone said, night creme use is not important unlike day creme. Moreover, at night, preferably we leave our face from any make up or creme when sleep. So, skin on face can 'breath' perfectly without applying night creme.

Reality : In protecting your skins, must focus on cheek, forehead, and chin because that part always produce a lot of oil which will cause pimples. Night creme uses maybe can help treat that part which criticized by sunshine or sut. It also have fomulation which can make skins can get rest perfectly.

Source : Remaja Magazine

Getting in shape for summer

Yes that beach holiday is looming and I'm counting down the days to my summer break.  Now that it has gotten warmer I'm finally reaching for my summer wardrobe.  But surprise, surprise those extra puddings and indulgent fried foods which spent moments on my lips are now lingering on my hips.  

Been there before so should be easy to shift the few pounds before my holiday.  Who am I kidding?  Easier said than done but I am motivated by pending vacation and the desire as Bridgette Jones would write in her diary "to look like beach goddess" in my halterneck swimwear.   Okay so I've just got to stop buying new swimwear as this is my second not to mention the one I already have.  How many swimsuits can I possibly wear?  My philosophy though is that summer swimwear - bikini tops - is like jeans you just don't have only one pair do you?

I'm not into the faddish diets which is only a temporary fix but do try to eliminate empty calories like chocolate, ice cream, crisp, fried foods etc and go for the healthier option of whole foods and low calorie foods.  One of my favorite food always is homemade soup which I don't make enough of because it could be so time consuming.  I do love soup and whole grain bread as a light but satisfying meal and my latest find - the cuisineart soup maker is an absolute god send at the minute.  It looks like a blender but it cooks your soup with no mess and no fuss.  

Other than watching what I eat, I am walking more since the weather is so great and making sure that I am getting my five a day - fruits and vegetables that is. Summer holiday here I come!!!

Metallics and the nude look

I have been experimenting with the nude trend and I'm really getting the hang of it.  That's why the latest addition to my wardrobe includes metallics, a trend I found I had virtually little of in my wardrobe.  I like the way metallic especially bronze metallic accessories brings this nude look together.  So other than the copper jewellery which I like for this look, I've bought myself this metallic leather sandals which really adds impact to my outfit.  They are great with shorts and fabulous with skirts and dresses which I have been sporting over the last week with all this unbelievable sunshine and sweltering heat.  

The combination of metallic colours in this sandals- gold, bronze and pewter works well together to create impact, style and add hints of colour to neutral outfits.  The design is simple yet architectural and these leather sandals really come alive on your feet.  This sandal is handmade and the fit is absolutely amazing.  To use an old cliche - it fits like a glove.  Of course I had to have my pedicure and guess which colour nail polish I went for?  Nude of course!!!  But I did keep the bronze look going with my bronze make up as it is always about pulling the whole look together.

Accessorizing the nude trend with copper jewellery

Putting a look together is more than getting the clothes right. Accessorizing is absolutely key in pulling a look together and cannot be stressed enough.  Mind you, it's not just about jewellery but includes hair accessories, make up, belts, shoes, scarves and the list goes on.

When I'm going for the romantic nudes incorporating soft fabrics like chiffon and silk in cream and peachy tones then I do like to go for pearl jewellery like pearl drop earrings and pearl pendants.   But I do like the bronze and metallic accessories when it comes to accessorizing the nude trend as it is a great way of highlighting my outfit.   That's why I tend to go for copper jewellery which offers majestic peachy tones to my ensemble.  Not just any copper jewellery but ethnic style copper jewellery like this modern man copper bracelet which is both contemporary jewellery and ethnic jewellery in one and which will always be trendy.

Senin, 24 Mei 2010

Oh My Hair~~

Oily Hair....Why??

Too much sebum production on the layer under head skin have mix with cosmetic use which is not suitable and sweat production that can't be avoid.

Solution :
If you used to wash your hair everyday, preferably avoid this practice as soon as possible. Because oil gland will be more active with the everyday massage every time you wash your hair! Preferably, shampoo your hair once every two days with special shampoo for oily hair. If you need more intensive hair product, make sure it suitable with your hair type.

Hair Become More Oily...Why??

Oily hair, sticky, and feel dirty. Because of laziness, you always style your hair using product and hair material.

Solution :
Make sure you use extra clarifying shampoo for oily hair. Avoid moisture shampoo for a while, because its texture that leave extra moisture (oil ingredients) on head skin and hair stem. Once a time, you can also use dry shampoo.

Fruity Hair...Why??

To looks smart and clean, you always style your hair and if any chemical need to use, it will be using eventhough its prove that your hair starts to form and damage.

Solution :
On the far view, fruity hair looks like flea egg which stick to every piece of hair. It's look bad and can spoil your style. Usually this problem happen because of always been exposed to hair device which is too hot, use product or get styling service which have higher chemical material or too often. So, one of the way that you can do is get cream bath treatment where the treatment can protect your hair in order to be back as usual.

Dry Hair...Why??

Hot temperature from hairdryer or hair rolling will effect your hair texture. Not even that, often shampoo usage will make your last part of your hair become dry and dull. Huhu...that's my hair. I will stop to use shampoo everyday...hmm..

Solution :
Use PH balance shampoo and avoid more pressure. The time you use conditioner, gives specialty to the middle part until the last part of hair. Avoid squeeze your hair using hot water. Where the temperature of hot water will open the pores and makes oil gland become more active.

Source : Remaja Magazine