Selasa, 31 Maret 2009

Icarus, I Am Your Wings, I Am Your Sun

I wish I really was a cat and that my wings weren't melting and that I didn't grow up and that I wasn't a cartoon.

Minggu, 29 Maret 2009

Snowy Spring Sunday

While Saturday was rather dreary, started with rain, then ended with a big snowstorm, Sunday was a wonderland! Sparkly ice on the trees and a blanket of snow covering everything ~ it was nice to be able to spend the day at home and enjoy the scenery. Tomorrow the temps are to be close to 70 ~ guess what that means? Mud wrestling in the backyard ~ the scots will love it!

Crystal Cat

Springtime in Kansas City

This is what it is like living in Kansas City ~ unpredictable weather! To think I had considered moving all my plants outside ~ good thing I didn't!

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Kamis, 26 Maret 2009

So Glad it's Friday!

Well, not quite Friday yet ~ actually I am looking forward to the end of the workweek! Even though we are supposed to get a giant snowstorm this weekend, it will still be a nice break from work. Plus, Saturday there is a flea market ~ there hasn't been one since January ~ I am suffering from withdrawal! Hopefully the snow will come AFTER the flea market.

Isn't this little guy cute? I love these little sock creatures ~ they have so much personality even though they are made of such basic materials ~ socks and some embroidery thread. I wish I had bought him ~ he makes me smile just to look at him. I have seen and made animals from socks and gloves before, but I have not found any patterns for this type of character ~ anyone know of any?

{Happy Friday!}

Feral Cat Friday


secret catnip universe will destroy all problems

The Boho Look

The Boho look is every where. It is a great look for spring and summer with a relaxed and chilled out feel for that hot and sunny weather (we hope!). Boho is probably so popular as it is such an easy look to create. The key to this trend is looking like you haven't tryed too hard. Mismatch items, have sightly ruffled hair and don't try to look too polished. Boho takes influence from the sixties and seventies and adds a modern twist for a really up to date look. Some of the key elements of the Boho look are: maxi dresses, faded/ worn jeans and denim skirts, layering, waistcoats, coloured tights, mixing patterns and embroidery.

Accessories are a key part of the boho look. It is not is not so much about what you wear as how you wear it. So try over accessorising with interesting individual handbags lots of chunky bangles, long necklaces and handmade jewellery.

This Goatskin and Leather Handbag from Munique Fashions will add instant Boho appeal to any outfit.

Get ready for a boho summer of love with this Jasper Long heart Necklace from Munique Fashions.
Wear this Onyx and Lava Stone Bracelet from Munique Fashions with a dress to change the feel from girly to boho.

Prom, Ball and Party Dresses

If you are lucky enough to be going to a prom, ball or evening party this spring or summer, you will no doubt already be starting to think about that all important subject, what to wear? For most of us a prom, party or ball is the perfect opportunity to get really dressed up, the chance to pull out all the stops and look gorgeous in formal evening wear for just one night.

If you love dressing up, then you will probably want to consider carefully what style of prom dress will suit you best.

Pintuck Long Dress

If you are an hourglass shape, make the most of your figure by finding a dress that emphasises and nips in at the waist. Sashes are a great way to do this. A long straight dress or one with a fitted bodice and a line skirt are perfect.

Anne Louise Roswald - Enchanted Beaded Prom Dress

If you are pear shaped look for dresses with some detail at the top. Avoid detail around the hips and skirt area and look for styles that are fitted around the waist. Empire lines dresses and a line skirts both look good on pears.

Trinny and Susannah Silk Belted Dress

If you have no waist look for prom dresses with horizontal or vertical lines that elongate the body. Avoid belts ans sashes or detail on the waist of the dress. Look for simple dress designs. Low waisted dresses look good and also skirts that flare out from the hip.

Teatro One Shouldered Prom Dress

For the athletic build, make shoulders appear narrower by wearing halterneck and low back dresses. Balance out wide shoulders with a flared skirt. Short dresses and sheath dresses will look amazing on you.

Rabu, 25 Maret 2009

Poor Misunderstood Tax Man

The more I thought about that evil looking tax man from yesterday's post, the more I thought he was just sadly misunderstood ~ here he is just innocently talking a walk in the garden ~ he doesn't look that scary now does he? Gina, please don't report me to the people at photoshop disasters!

{images from shorpy and nypl}

Fabulous custom bags by Becky Oh!

When talking about bags I am reminded of the old adage from Shakespeare “…… That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." Well this does not apply to bags. A bag is a fashion statement and even if you are not looking and feeling your best, when someone says to you, “I like your bag”, then that’s a personal endorsement to your fashion sense. When you are complimented several times on the same bag, then you know you are doing something right. According to Trini and Susannah in their book entitled - What your clothes say about youTrinni and Susannah
– “A unique handbag shows that you have a great eye for fashion rather than a magpie’s eye for a fancy label”.

Handmade bags by Becky Oh! bespoke bags, unique bags, funky bags, one of a kind bags

Bags of appeal
I was immediately drawn to the shape of Becky Oh!’s bags. The designer Becky O'Neil is a trained sculptor and this really comes across in the dimensions of her bags.
Handmade bags by Becky Oh! bespoke bags, unique bags, funky bags, one of a kind bags

You cannot help but be captivated by Becky Oh’s eclectic use of coloured and patterned fabric. Like a kid in a candy store she mixes and matches textured fabrics ranging from luxurious silks to cottons, twills, corduroys, suedes and satins. Between the shape, textures and use of fabric you have what I like to call wearable art. Imagine strutting down the street with one of Becky Oh’s handmade originals on your arm. You are sure to turn heads not to mention perfect strangers asking you “Where did you get that?”

Handmade bags by Becky Oh! bespoke bags, unique bags, funky bags, one of a kind bags

One of a Kind
Becky Oh’s bags are one of a kind as even if they have the same shape, the fabric is different since she only purchases small quantities of each fabric. To add even more quirky appeal and charm to her bags, Becky distinctively names each design to match with the ending o sound in Becky Oh! For instance intaglio, cheerio, Ex & Oh ……. I would love to do a blog article entitled Mrs O and Becky Oh! - Mrs O being Michelle Obama who has been very supportive of innovative fashion from new designers. I hear that the first lady's main style advisor is Ikram Goldman owner of Ikram boutique in Chicago should you be interested in giving it a go Becky.

Handmade bags by Becky Oh! bespoke bags, unique bags, funky bags, one of a kind bags

Designer Becky O’Neil hails from Manchester - not Manchester, England but Manchester, New Hamsphire. However she sells many of her bags online to customers in various countries. Becky Oh!’s bags can be as bespoke as you like as she creates bags for all occasions (including weddings)to match her customers’ unique styles. Click here to see more fabulous custom bags by Becky Oh!