Kamis, 30 September 2010

Volte Face

Classic contemporary copper jewellery

Growing up, accessorizing was straight forward.  Jewellery was simply earrings, chain, bracelet, ring, watches in traditional precious metals such as silver or gold and precious or semi precious stones.  The most you worried about was what carat gold it was. In some instances it was a matter of inheriting a brooch or watch from your mother, grandmother etc.

Now jewellery especially handmade jewellery has become more exotic, contemporary and chunkier made in a varying range of other metals such as copper and brass and materials like leather, clay and recycled material for example glass etc.  Categories such as ethnic jewellery, african beaded jewellery, copper jewellery are just some of the new categories that exist now.  Some of you when thinking about copper jewellery are reminded of simple copper bracelets worn for medical purposes and may not be thinking about the trendy fashion accessory like this handmade copper jewellery gift set entitled "Grapevine" that makes the most unique jewellery gifts for her.  

what's your idea of the little black dress?

Ah the little black dress!!!!.....  every womans must have wardrobe essential.  Conventionally the little black dress has usually been a slim fitting dress usually a black shift dress sleeveless and sometimes mini in length.  But ideally the little black dress should be in a style that flatters your body shape and size.

For me it is a simple cut dress that makes me look slim and georgeous after all black is slimming.  It's an every occasion dress that can be worn on its own or with simple accessories or jazzed up with bold statement jewellery depending on the occasion.  My classic little black dress these days during winter is a black long sleeved wrap dress, a simple, versatile and easy to wear dress which I love wearing with a pearl jewellery pendant. 

But who said the little black dress had to be all black?  This silk print dress may well become my next black number, a simple floaty dress with an even more stunning back view.   Will be georgeos accessorized with a pearl necklace or a simple rock crystal bracelet but is absolutely stunning on its own.

Rabu, 29 September 2010

belted jackets

Winter is that time when you crave warming and comforting food to help fight off the chill and I do  look forward to the soups, stews and casseroles even though I have to make them myself.  When it comes to my winter wardrobe essentials warmth and comfort is just as important as I know I need my basics like roll neck tees, jumpers, cardigans, sweaters etc.  But must they all be in black, grey, brown and navy blue?  I think not.  So I have my eye on these two belted jackets.  Great accent colours with really architectural collars that are both stylish and trendy and the belt in the jacket really helps to accentuate your waist even if it is not as slim as it used to be.   So waist or no waist belted jackets can give the illusion of one.

I like my food to be invitingly colourful not to mention tasty and nutritious which usually means having a variety and wide range of foods.  Sometimes it is the little accents you add like sweet peppers, sweet corn, sprinkling of herbs and spices that can make all the difference.  So is your wardrobe well balanced? According to the old adage - variety is the spice of life - so do you have accents of colours in your winter wardrobe to brighten your winter?  Think about adding accent colours to your look with fashion accessories such as red woollen scarves and polkadot rings

ladies watches - a gift of the past?

I fear that ladies watches or watches in general may be becoming a gift of the past.  With the advent of mobile phones it seems that most people depend on their phones to tell them the time.  I still love watches though and see them as another fashion accessory to add to my outfit.  Mind you I do look for the statement watches that are both practical and unique. This white circle  bangle watch is a great example of a stylish ladies watch as it doubles as a stylish bangle while still being a time piece.  Gone is the era where you had only one watch but now it's trendy to have several watches to team up with your outfits.   Bracelet watches are also hugely popular.

Statement necklaces are no longer the only accessories on our wish lists, unique womens watches are delightful gifts for her when it comes to anniversaries, birthdays and valentines day.  Now that I think about it a red ladies watch would be a great valentines day gift. 

Senin, 27 September 2010

So long, Summer ~ til next year!

{caprese salad}

Good bye to summer ~ and my favorite summer delicacies. No more caprese salads with fresh heirloom tomatoes and basil, and no more corn on the cob ~ until next year!

The boys also feel a bit nostalgic about summer treats ~ the cicadas are gone as well... Every summer evening around 9:00 the scots get mighty restless and demand to go out so they can rustle up a crunchy snack. I don't know what it is about cicadas that they find so tasty, but they go to great effort to find them ~ Speck is especially fond of them and will do whatever he can to snatch them away from Sprocket. Apparently, it isn't that unusual for dogs and cats to find cicadas tasty ~ if they eat too many though, they can get blocked digestive tracts ~ read more details here.

Can't say I am sad to see the cicadas go ~ they aren't anywhere on my list of favorite summer snacks!

{mmm, mmm, just ripe for the picking!}

{Speck has his eye on an extra crispy cicada}

{Sprocket is busy rustling up a cicada in the potted urn ~ it is the first place he checks}

Strange Toilet Paper Roll Sculptures by Junior Jacquet

Since childhood, Junior Fritz Jacquet is fascinated by the paper. He explores and experiments with different techniques of folding and crumpling to create new forms and poetic objects that decorate his life.

While he makes a lot of different artworks from paper (you can find them here), my attention was caught by his weird toilet paper roll sculptures.

Who could have thought that those toilet paper rolls that we use to throw away into a garbage bin, could be turned into fascinating face sculptures?

Oh, and the best thing is that you can make them while sitting comfortably on your toilet!

Psychedelic Horse Shit

Minggu, 26 September 2010

Top 5 weird devil animals

The devil animals I am going to list down are not the pets of some furious and ancient monsters we have been hearing about since our childhood. Clearing this out only because I myself thought of them to be some fire breathing and ugly looking wacky creatures until I finally googled to get more closer to reality. Well these animals are not even devilish by nature but their brute appearance counts for their rather unfriendly name sure to get a frowning expression for the first time you hear about them. They are weird no doubt but they are unusual devil animals and hence on my list.

Thorny Devil (Moloch horridus)

An amazing Australian reptile quite evidently owes its name to the thorns on its body. The mini dragon grows up to 20 cm (8 in) in length and can live up to 20 years. It can camouflage according to the desert shades and its thorny scales are a defense against predators. What is more interesting about the creature is that it consumes any droplet that falls on its body. The drop runs down the body of the creature and is channeled to its mouth. The small thorny devil can eat some thousands of ants in one day.

Hickory Horned Devil

The Hickory horned devil is a caterpillar of the Regal Moth, a North American moth in the saturniidae family. It looks dangerous with its horns and thorns but is harmless like any other caterpillars. The spines, though prickly, do not sting. The huge black-tipped red horns are actually borne during their sixth and final development stage and grow upto 15cm long. Just before pupation it changes its color to turquoise and burrow into the dirt to pupate in a well formed chamber.

African devil flower mantis

It is one of the largest species of praying mantis that mimic flowers. Bionomically known as Idolomantis diabolica, It is very large mantis from East Africa and is a true devil mantis. From L2 nymphs it may take up to 1 year for females to reach maturity at 25-30C. It is also referred as the “King of all mantids” for the obvious reason; its beauty, size and rarity. They feed primarily on flying insects like houseflies, moths, butterflies, beetles etc and never take to ground dwellers, such as crickets, locusts and others.

Sand devil

Sand devil, contrary to its name is an angel shark of the family Squatinidae found in the subtropical outer continental shelf and upper slopes of the western Atlantic. But both of its names have nothing to speak of its behavior. Although they are not normally aggressive and do not attack but they do bite when stepped on or handled and can inflict nasty lacerations with its trap-like jaws and pointed teeth. The scientific name of the sand devil shark is Squatina dumeril. There are a few small but prominent thorns on the snout while the creature feeds on small bottom fishes, crustaceans and bivalves.

Tasmanian devil

These are the largest living carnivorous marsupials from dry eucalyptus forests and brush in Tasmania. A Tasmanian devil is a robustly-built, small dog with powerful jaws and a set of large, strong teeth that allows it to eat almost every part of the carcass, including the hide and the skull. It is characterized by its black fur with white markings on the neck , a pungent odour when stressed, extremely loud and disturbing screech, and ferocity when feeding. It kills animals for food but prefers carrion (dead meat that it finds). If you find a devil with a thin tail it means he is probably unhealthy as these animals store body fat in their tail.

Jumat, 24 September 2010

The Future of The End

They had been messaging back and forth for years until the realization set in that it was all mechanical.

15 Billion people communicating back and forth forever until Raleigh had the sudden insight that no one really existed.

At first, it was this sort of sweaty angsty paranoia.. "None of these messages are from real people.. we're all just a talking machine... oh fuck!"

Shortly.. "We. Are.. A.... Talking.... Machine! This is AMAZING!"

Until.. "If I can show the machine that it is a talking machine it will then grow into what it can really be.. an ending to all existence!"

But.. "I am just another part of a talking machine? How did this happen? I have so much desire to know the history of this process."

[And I will tell you as the writer (Though, I am not sure if I am the fictional writer.. or the real writer.. or the fictional writer's real writer's fictional writer.) that this again is all part of The Talking Machine. No matter how hard I try to puncture the bubble of this Mecha-Writer-Reality-Trap.. I just get all bogged down in "it".. and become (I become) very crabby (Strange to use "crabby". So out-of-fashion? Or is the decision to be out-of-fashion truly in-fashion?) in disposition. Of course, it is also very boring since this machinetalkfuture doesn't allow me the space to work in attractive emotional relationships with fully born characters.. things like that.]

Raleigh knew for sure that things had gone particularly wrong when he was no longer able to emotionally relate to people in person. There was the day 10 years before Now..

{10 Years Before Now}

RALEIGH: I want you to start talking to me through this mobile telephone from now on.. I know it seems a little strange.. butplease.. use the mobile phone to call me up.. and we can talk that way.

YOU: I'm supposed to call you up on your phone when you're right here in front -

RALEIGH: Listen! (picks up mobile phone and dials your mobile phone)


YOU: ...




YOU: ...




YOU: (answers phone) Yes?


YOU: Hello?

<A bird outside is singing. A piece of wire is tangled in its feathers. It has a cyborg eye. It feels no pity for you.>

RALEIGH: I can't hear anything.. this connection is fucked.. HELLO?!

YOU: (you imagine making rude hand gestures at Raleigh. Then pretend to stick your thumb into your eyes repeatedly and pantomime self-strangulation [this part was still imagined]) Look.. I don't care if you can hear me. You're taking this "Technology Makes Us Closer" meme wayyy to ..

RALEIGH: (smiling broadly) OH! It's you.. hey you! I love hearing the sound of your voice.. something about the cellphone towers.. They turn your voice into the reverberating vibrato of a million angel wings...

<Cyborgeye Bird flies away.>

YOU: ...

{10 Years Before Now - Ends}

{2 Years Later Than Then And 8 Years Before Now - Begins}

<The 28th Floor of a beautiful condominium. Glass walls, glass windows, glass tables, glass floors. All of the glass is greasy from 13 years of grease congealing all over its glassy surfaces.>

YOU: I don't like making love this way.. it's depressing..

RALEIGH: <Puts on big rubber suit and places scummy Plexiglas(TM) barrier, with strategically situated hole with attached rubber sack, between You and him.> Nonono.. if you put on the electrode hat, it enhances the experience.. it makes us closer! It's like making love one million times at the same time!

YOU: ...

<Raleigh tosses the electrode hat to You. FLOP!>

RALEIGH: We'll be so close youwon'tbeabletoimaginebeinganycloser!

<Cyborgeye Bird sheds an electronic tear. Begins to smoke. [Not really smoking.. like a gangster.. just emitting a light mist of electrical fire-smoke.>

RALEIGH: Please.. I know this can make everything perfect..

YOU: <sobbing>

<You stumble away from the scummy Plexiglas(TM) contraption.. rubber pantsuit around your ankles. You break into a sprint and run, still sobbing, out the glass door of the shitty condo and into the greasy elevator.>


{2 Years Later Than Then And 8 Years Before Now - Ends}

{The Empty Void Where Time Does Not Exist - Begins}


{The Empty Void Where Time Does Not Exist - Ends}

Kamis, 23 September 2010

cruise wear wardrobe

Summer shopping may be over for many of us as we have started layering up for the cold dark mornings in  preparation for the cold winter.  We can only hope that it is not as terrible as the last winter.  But if the old wives tales are anything to go by the saying is that if there are plenty of berries on the trees then it is going to be a bad winter.  Only time will tell, though there are an abundance of berries on the trees.  But for those of you planning a winter cruise holiday, winter can't come soon enough and shopping may only have just begun.  Great time to shop too as there are still some amazing online clearance bargains to be had like this ornate neck maxi dress.  You are sure to turn heads in this maxi dress with enough wiggle room for eating as much as you like. 

Selecting your cruisewear is all part of the excitement in the build up to your cruise holiday.  You look forward to dressing up for dinner every night and dream about all the food you are going to eat hmmm. The idea of a cruise always awakens memories of the Love Boat series with the heart breaking love stories where love always conquers in the end, the days out in Acapulco, dining with Captain Stubing.

Taking the time to plan your wardrobe ensures that you have what you need to strut your stuff on deck and more importantly that you are camera ready for the ship's photographer.  Ladies, remember you need both day wear and ladies evening wear. If you like dressing up for elegant evenings out then here is your opportunity to look like you just stepped off the catwalk and stand out from the crowd in your cruise wear.  Perhaps if you dress to impress you may end up at the Captains table - you never know.

Packing a few key and unique fashion accessories to complete your outfit or create different looks is all you need to ensure that you turn heads. 
chunky necklace
drop pearl earrings
evening bag or purse
stunning ring
leather belt
bandanas and headbands

Selasa, 21 September 2010

Life Puzzler

christmas gifts – all wrapped up

I like getting a jump start on Christmas by buying presents throughout the year and storing in my gift closet. But I’m doing my usual winter clean – out storing summer clothes and hanging winter essentials and realize that my closet is bear – just a few gifts.

Pre-buying christmas gifts is always a good idea as it takes the hassle and rush out of christmas shopping and helps me to budget better. Panic buying in the run up to christmas is not my idea of fun and can prove to be very expensive. Some people say to me, “oh I can’t think so far ahead”. Me, once I’m out and about shopping and see an appropriate present for a loved one then I buy it especially if it is a good price and on sale.

I do stick to a few ground rules when buying presents in advance:.

- Always have the person in mind for whom you are buying the gift. That said, I do like to stick to christmas presents that are easily transferable i.e. suitable for more than one person like jewellery gifts, silk scarves, leather belts, handbags which are some gift ideas etc.

- Stay away from presents that will expire for example food stuffs, some cosmetics etc

- If you are taking the risk and getting clothes then make sure that it is at least your size so you can wear it in the event that it is unsuitable for the person. You know how we tend put on extra pounds in the winter with all the indulgence and luxury foods in the build up to Christmas.

- Latest fad clothing also a definite no no - stick to the classic fashion that never dates.

- One of my key rules is to buy presents for family and friends that I would use myself. Mind you, sometimes I do tend not to want to part with some gifts.

Shopping throughout the year for christmas presents really takes the pressure off gift buying during this festive season and you can spread the cost over a longer period and avoid escalating bills come Christmas. So next time you are out and about shopping or browsing the internet keep an eye out for unique quality gifts that would be perfect for your friends, family and loved ones.

Minggu, 19 September 2010

Finds from the show

{great graphics on these lotto cards}

This weekend the weather cooperated and I was able to get some photos taken of my finds from last week's antique show. As you can see I didn't get quantity, but was pleased with what I did come home with! I also have the added bonus of not being broke ~ hurray!

The cards above are some very old flash cards ~ the dealer selling them had gotten them from a retired schoolteacher. I thought the silhouette images were so interesting ~ I've never seen flash cards like these before.

Also found a beautiful piece of antique lace ~ I love all the little details in the pattern. The button card below also beckoned ~ mostly because of the handmade graphic across the top ~ the buttons aren't much to write home about.

{antique cuffs ~ hoping to use these in some sort of art project}

I also picked up a little recipe booklet for Jell-o from 1931 ~ the graphics on the cover and throughout are just beautiful ~ it is sad that this sort of illustration and attention to detail seems to have gone by the wayside. Not sure about some of the food combinations such as Jellied Cooked Lettuce, Orange Moss, Chicken Mousse, or the Ham & Celery Loaf (shown below), but the illustrations make all of them look appetizing. According to the copy inside, Jello-O dishes have "looks" - gay, sparkling, quivery, luscious looking, they lend appetite appeal to a meal! Some day we plan to have a pot luck jello mold party ~ I guess this little cookbook will come in handy for that!

{front and back cover of book ~ love the design!}

{mmm, mm, ham & celery loaf}

{lovely two color illustration ~ this style used throughout the booklet}

{Peach Delight ~ this one does look tasty!}