Rabu, 25 Agustus 2010

6 Most Weird things ever listed on eBay

eBay is definitely a one-stop shopping solution since they have quality products and are delivered in sound condition. You can find anything there, stamps, old books, cheap mobile phones etc. kids toys and sometime weird things.

If you didn’t stumbled upon something bizarre on eBay then have a look. It is astonishing how people post these sort of things online and even get bids, sales and reputation points.

Thank God! these sort of goods aren’t available in stores or else it would be called “the freak-shop” you can add your interesting names to the weird world using the comment section below this post.

1.) A Penis Shaped Cheeto

Hmm… strange, idiotic and even slutty, who’d purchase that, who’d want this in their home. A Cheeto shaped to man’s genital, it was sold at a price $1.25 with a few bidder, strange!

2.) A Town in Texas

I know eBay sells property, but that should be property, like a house or something. Buying or selling or even bidding for something like the complete town is shocking.

3.) An Ad Banner on Man’s Forehead

I agree with God, he is unfare, he made idiots and then made my hands to write about them. I know people adopt offbeat jobs to earn a living but something like selling your body parts as advertising spots is far more than insanity.

The price he offered for his forehead was $322, amazing, weird, bizarre, idiotic, stupid, entrepreneur, i have no words. I just hope people reading this don’t get excited about the whole thing and start selling advertising spots on body.

4.) The Meaning of Life

Yeah! the world is full of distracted souls and thousands of books, literally thousands of books are published every year worldwide of which many tell the same thing “Meaning of Life” but on eBay a guy sold video session and paper course about the same for $3.26.

5.) Wisdom Teeth

Woah! now that made me creek, yuck! who’d break his wisdom teeth for money and even if that was the result of an accident! who would be so dumb to see profit in those broken calcium bits.

Albert Einstein noted correctly, “Two things in this universe are infinite the universe and human stupidity and i am not sure about the universe.”

Well, this is so true and worthy of getting quoted here.

6.) An Iron Man Mask

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