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Branson III: Epistemologies of the Sinister Mark Mobius Strip Club Fail and Branson Is an Elephant Better Doubted than Touched

Pudgie: i'm worried about mobius.. he might come after us..

Versace: if we trap him in his own strip club, he might not be able to get us

Pudgie: if we wanted to see if he was going to destroy us, we could go in the future, but we'd have to be in the strip club too

Versace: is mark mobius's strip club 3D-YouTube?

Pudgie: mobius is not an answer
it is a question answered by a question
answered by another question

Versace: are we just pasties on his mobius’s strippers tits?

Pudgie: mobius is beyond our reality..
where "all is branson" we have an analogue for mobius..
something like "nothing is mobius"
"mobius is not mobius"
mobius is like the set that contains itself..
but does not contain itself

Versace: what is beyond mobius?

Pudgie: mobius

Versace: that sounds familiar

Pudgie: well.. mobius is not an invisible elephant

Versace: actually, according to your logic mobius is an invisible elephant

Pudgie: mobius is what it isn't

Versace: if that's the case, then branson may be more powerful than either of us realized

Pudgie: i think branson is the old the new mobius manifestation may not be human or animal it may be structural something big will happen with mobius and the wormhole

Versace: i wonder about our reality tv show idea, and uploading the poor people to the yacht... maybe it was a conspiracy to kill off the old religious prophets...

Pudgie: i was reading a blog post today about the dialectic and hegel and economics.. and synthesis..
so.. i guess we make The New Poor
from The Old Poor
the same but different poor
i.e. nouveaux pauvres

Versace: branson represents the opposite of poor though -- he is the material icon

Pudgie: branson is a clown. branson tries to have everything so he may reach the mobius nothing.. but he can never attain nothing he is like the Sisyphus

Versace: i think he is a glitch
mobius may reveal himself as punitive social system

Pudgie: well, just remember, mobius is not the answer mobius is the question

Versace: i have sympathy for branson

Pudgie: answers are tricks

Versace: mobius begs the question
he begs a question
a questschun
a sun quest
a Sunkist
i think mobius is a soda

Pudgie: mobius soda

Versace: my dad used to marinate chicken in mobius

Pudgie: is mark mobius orange soda marinated chicken?

Versace: what if branson is not mobius's main stripper?

Pudgie: i think branson is like a troll-like, faux-mobius construction from thousands of years ago who crawled out of the sludge and tried to be mobius
but he cannot be mobius..
there is no mobius

Versace: what shows us that Branson wants to be nothingness? what is his endless quest (a Sunkist)? is his endless quest a soda?


Versace: i am adrift in the strip club

Pudgie: branson can help us understand mobius.
he isn't totally useless

Versace: i think Branson is the main stripper in the Mark Mobius Strip Club and if we are the pasties, it’s hard for us to have perspective

Pudgie: it is hard to have perspective when you are living in a non-orientable surface name soemthing mobius is.. and then mobius can be made into the "mirror image" whatever that may be

Versace: mobius is a homeo?

Pudgie: if one agrees with the dialectic.. and that we progress by synthesizing opposing concepts into new concepts... what does it mean that one thing can become it's mirror image? does that mean that mobius is the end? mobius is what we eventually will become? is mobius the end of all time?
is mobius where we will end up after time is done

all the collisions have been completed

Versace: does that mean at the mark mobius strip club, the strippers get dressed?

Pudgie: getting dressed is getting undressed and getting undressed is getting dressed in the mobiusstripclubexistence

Versace: every day in mobius is opposite day
what is opposite mobius?

Pudgie: well.. i don't know that opposites really exist in the mobius strip club existence
i think that is the defining characteristic of the mobius
which is also what makes it hard to visualize
it has one "side" instead of two "sides" which is what makes it possible to take one "thing" and turn it into its "mirror image" by moving it along the mobius strip club
a "thing" is its "mirror image" in the mobius strip club
they are the same "thing"

Versace: as if all material existence were on a mirror

Pudgie: well sorta like if you traveled far enough
you became like what you saw in the mirror
you don’t become the reflection, you become more than that
you became what the reflection appeared to be
it is the ultimate through the looking-glass existence
but.. if you can become that thing.. then you already are it
because also you can then "travel far enough" to change back to what you were

Versace: i'm having trouble meshing space time with my reflection

Pudgie: and wikipedia thus spaketh: "the Möbius strip may be considered the source of all non-orientability."
the mobius strip has only one side, not two..
not like if you had taken a sheet of paper and taped the ends together..
that sheet has 2 sides and you could only exist on one or the other
with the mobius strip you twist the sheet of paper and there is one side because you can "travel far enough" to get to any part of the mobius strip
but.. see, you aren't really walking on the mobius strip
you are existing "in" it
that is a mind humper
to us on the outside, "thinking" about this concept of the mobius strip.. we think about sides..
but think of it in the terms of Flatland
where the guy tries to describe what 4D objects would "look like" to us in a 3D world
by using the analogue of saying..
what do 3D objects look like to things that exist in a 2D world
a mobius strip is a 2D world
2D things live there
so really the Mobius Strip Club is like a 3D world
it is a 3D version of the 2D mobius Strip surface
if you "exist in it".. there is no height.. only width and length
you have to move around things be going left or right.. you cannot "jump" over things
you have x and y direction.. but no z direction
if you hit the edge of the mobius strip.. that is it.. you have to turn around.. but
oh shit
oh fucking shit the wormhole found me and it is all tieing together...
"Alice universe"
"an Alice universe is to a closed three-dimensional volume"
that's the analogue.. and we already knew this..
if you could see the invisible elephant in your head
instead of just the tail or the foot or the trunk
that is our place in this world.. we have the bits of the elephant..
but not the whole thing

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