Rabu, 07 Januari 2009

Winter at Terrain

While on our holiday travels back to Pennsylvania, we also managed a stop at Terrain in Glen Mills ~ what a great store! I wish I had gotten there before Christmas ~ I wonder what it was like at the beginning of the holiday?! I did a post on Terrain this summer, but this was my first visit ~ it did not disappoint. Lunch at the cafe was healthy and tasty as well as casual and relaxing ~ I wish I had taken more pictures! I got a few photos outside even though it was pretty chilly ~ I couldn't wait to go inside and look around.

{loved the turquoise columns with the globes of greenery}

{outdoor vignette with topiary}

{rustic fencing and outbuilding with evergreen boughs}

Inside, plenty to admire at every turn like the simple display of greenery behind the cash register ~ I had to satisfy my urge to buy by taking a few photos instead as I had no room in my luggage ~ actually I have no room in my house either!

{gorgeous perforated silver globes ~ even more beautiful when lit}

{Attractive displays of wares made of simple materials: glass, wire, galvanized metal, twigs}

{bright spot of color ~ brushed colored glass}

{spa product displays}

{lovely slab of tree trunk used as a backdrop}

{permanent (aka artificial or plastic!) flowers ~ displayed in this way, you would never know!}

{permanent on left, real on right}

{my favorite ~ colored twine ~ I am still regretting not getting any!}

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