Senin, 08 Desember 2008

Scrapbooks: An American History

While I am waiting for a good sunny day - or at least a day that I get home early enough to shoot my treasures from Miss Frenchie's Holiday Market, I thought I would share what looks to me like an amazing new book!

My boyfriend read about it in the NY Times Book Review(here) and is giving it to me for Christmas ~ yes, he has a tough time finding things he thinks I will like so he decided it would be better to ask and spoil the surprise rather than get me something I wouldn't like. Actually it will still be a surprise as I have only seen a couple of pages and now I am really looking forward to getting the book! Apparently the book is causing quite a stir amongst scrapbookers and the design community!

You can order your own copy here ~ while you are there visiting, make sure to check out the video interview with the author, Jessica Helfand. I'll post a few of my favorite spreads after Christmas, so stay tuned!

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