Senin, 15 Desember 2008

Untold gallons of HAWAIIAN PUNCH == the future

[Before reading any further.. please go to this page and play "The Velvet Void"... it helps this make sense..]

After an improper amount of HAWAIIAN PUNCH and two shots of rum, I have seen the future...

First, it was the Debtors' Union.

Then, it became the Debtors' Revolution.

(I'm surfing a crimson wave of FRUIT JUICY RED so bear with me fuckheads)

Who is Too Big To Fail (TBTF)?

People (in the most plural sense) are too big to fail.

Now what business do pukenacious cats have drinking HAWAIIAN PUNCH or speaking to the global financial structure? Well, after listening to 500 hours of shit filled financial news from the human tv box in 2008.. I'm not so sure anyone has any earned right to speak to this concept... so open up.

Here it comes: -----______----___--__----_-__----> (concept)

We are in the era of the global-mybad.

Everyone has been colononized. There are no new people to take over. Thus, the larger power structure is stuck trying to "take over" the same people.. forever and ever.

So, we're all stuck staring down the barrell of a global reset in debt levels.

BUT, it won't happen without you whiny-baby humans getting involved.

First, go buy,steal,rob several litres of HAWAIIAN PUNCH (all caps please, accept no "Hawaiian Punch" as substitute).

Second, call up everone you know who owes money to some large institution.

Third, add up all the free money those institutions have received from the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Treasury this last year.

Fourth, (synonym to "add up") all the fucking bonuses that the fat white dudes have earned working for those institutions during your lifetime of accumulating debt (you can ignore women, the less-white or anyone else since their take has been negligible).

Fifth, combine the free money and the bonuses and divide it by DICK.. and what do you have?

You have the Debtors' Revolution..

Think very slowly on this (as slowly as one might conceivably think drowning in an ocean of HAWAIIAN PUNCH)..all growth comes from debt. All wealth comes from debt. Foolish debt, immoral debt, stupid debt has made modern wealth possible. Smart wealth, righteous wealth, holy wealth. It all originates in debt.

It all comes from your debt..

Debtors' Revolution.



Too Big To Fucking Fail (TBTFF).

the end.

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