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Pecerption VS Reality

No Need To Take Care

Perception : My skins don't have any problem. Moreover, minimum protection don't even effect my skins. In fact, why I must spend lot of money to get branded cleanser? Use body soap is enough.

Reality : Eventhough your skin don't have any problem, but must remember that the part is very sensitive. Preferably, avoid or stop using soap to clean your face expecially body soap. Other than detergen in the soap, it can absorb natural oil on the face and make the skins go dry.

Don't Wash Your Face At Night

Perception : The whole day at office, do hard task makes your body  feel tired. This situation give impact to facial protection routine. It back from office late at night, I seldom wash my face and not even apply any creme before sleep. Furthermore, someone said no need to wash face at night!

Reality : What you can do before sleep, make sure you clean your wash from make up or any dirt. This is to avoid dirt or make up still on your face until pimples appear. Then, don't forget to use night creme before sleep.

Moisturizer Don't Need SPF

Perception : I will not go out without use some make up. So, everytime before apply make up, I will apply some moisturizer to make my face still moisture. Make up which have SPF makes me choose moisturizer that doesn't have any SPF because SPF in make up is just enough.

Reality : Our skins needs natural sunshine (morning). But the sunshine stream after 9 am will harm your skin in long term. Moisturizer without SPF which often use can't replace with moisturizer with SPF (minimum SPF 15). So, maybe now you don't have any problem to stand under sunshine.

Night Creme Not Important

Perception : Someone said, night creme use is not important unlike day creme. Moreover, at night, preferably we leave our face from any make up or creme when sleep. So, skin on face can 'breath' perfectly without applying night creme.

Reality : In protecting your skins, must focus on cheek, forehead, and chin because that part always produce a lot of oil which will cause pimples. Night creme uses maybe can help treat that part which criticized by sunshine or sut. It also have fomulation which can make skins can get rest perfectly.

Source : Remaja Magazine

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