Senin, 31 Mei 2010

101 Perfumes For YOU!

Make sure you choose the right perfume for you. Don't just stylish, the fragrance can attract people around you. A lot of people doesn't care about perfume that they were using. Not just deodorant, but perfume itself is also important and gives its own definition!

Suitable with you who always active. Suitable to be use when you do restless activity because combination of sweat and perfume make you looks confident to perform. This perfume also can help you to vanish body odour when you are sweating. Such as Tommy Hilfilger, Hugo Boss and etc.

This perfume can attract 'the one' to be close with you. Don't just look smart or beauty on the outside but body odour must be parallel with your outside (physical). Such as Polo, Bvlgari, DKNY and etc.

Be the cool man in every situation. Your perfume can attract anyone  next to you. This odour is soft and usually come from fruity smell like green apple and etc. You can try perfume brand like Clinique, Escada Sentimen, Armani, and etc

Truly Man
The smell presents the truly man. Suitable to be use when you ionvolve in formal situation. This has strong odour but still have the attraction like Dunhill, Loewe and etc.

Tips :

  • Spray the perfume after shower so that it will look freshy.
  • Spray on the main part such as wrist, neck and behind knee. This part is the important part in a way to spread the fragrance to all over the body.
  • Avoid spray it straight onto the clothes because the smells will not long lasting and will just damage your clothes.
  • Don;t use too much perfume because it can gives bad effect to people aroundyou.
  • Don;t mix up perfume in one time because the results will be uncomfortable.
  • Perfume that keep too long, the smells will be not as same as at the first. The colour also change to yellowish. So, don't keep perfume in a long duration.
Source : Remaja  Magazine

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