Rabu, 26 Mei 2010

Skirts you want....

It is just hard to find the right skirt, as it is to find the right pair of jeans....

Great for : Pear-shaped lovelies. Those who are bigger in the lower half ought to go for A-line skirts to help slenderise their curves. A skirt that lies across the tummy in a stiffer fabric will flatter your bod and not cling to those bulges.

Great for : Petite, and/or long-legged fillies. If you're got great pins, flaunt them in a mini. But, it could be unflattering to petite girls because mini can make you look a bit stunted.


Great for : Absolutely everybody. Skirts right now are asymmetrical and unevenly cut - meaning one side of the hem is usually higher than the other and elongates the figure by showing more of one leg.


Great for : Straight, boyish figures. The folds of the fabrics create the illusion of a curvier figure for those with a straight silhouette and slim hips. Curvier gals should avoid this, as pleats can add more bulk to an hourglass frame.


Great for : All, except those with short legs. A long skirt can hide a myriad flaws (chunky calves, big thighs). The skirt should sit just below the ankle so it doesn't sweep the floor. Those with shorter legs may look stunted in this skirt.

Great for : You, me and all the world. The most flattering of skirts. Normally, the side hem is sewn diagonally across the weave of the cloth creating a flowy form which shows off your figure.

Great for : Those with the very few curves. A drawstring waist allows you to adjust the waist size as well as the level you'd like the skirt to sit on your hips. Plus a gathered waistband adds bulk to the hips giving you a fuller figure.

Great for : Wide waist. To hide a wide waist, reach for a wrap skirt to attract attention to your shapely gams. As you walk or while sitting, the flap of the wrap should move along with your legs and be roomy around the thigh area.

Great for : Slim hip-py chicks. This has a gathered waistline so big-hipped gals should avoid this. A longer version is great for an evening do; while a knee-grazer is more casual. Skip mid-calf or longer-lenghts to avoid looking fuddy-duddy.

Great for : proportionate figures. A loose-fitting pencil skirt disguises a fleshy tummy and butt, drawing eyes to your legs. If you've wide hips, wear a long blazer over the skirt in a monochromatic shade to conceal.

Source : Cleo Magazine

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