Senin, 24 Mei 2010

Oh My Hair~~

Oily Hair....Why??

Too much sebum production on the layer under head skin have mix with cosmetic use which is not suitable and sweat production that can't be avoid.

Solution :
If you used to wash your hair everyday, preferably avoid this practice as soon as possible. Because oil gland will be more active with the everyday massage every time you wash your hair! Preferably, shampoo your hair once every two days with special shampoo for oily hair. If you need more intensive hair product, make sure it suitable with your hair type.

Hair Become More Oily...Why??

Oily hair, sticky, and feel dirty. Because of laziness, you always style your hair using product and hair material.

Solution :
Make sure you use extra clarifying shampoo for oily hair. Avoid moisture shampoo for a while, because its texture that leave extra moisture (oil ingredients) on head skin and hair stem. Once a time, you can also use dry shampoo.

Fruity Hair...Why??

To looks smart and clean, you always style your hair and if any chemical need to use, it will be using eventhough its prove that your hair starts to form and damage.

Solution :
On the far view, fruity hair looks like flea egg which stick to every piece of hair. It's look bad and can spoil your style. Usually this problem happen because of always been exposed to hair device which is too hot, use product or get styling service which have higher chemical material or too often. So, one of the way that you can do is get cream bath treatment where the treatment can protect your hair in order to be back as usual.

Dry Hair...Why??

Hot temperature from hairdryer or hair rolling will effect your hair texture. Not even that, often shampoo usage will make your last part of your hair become dry and dull. Huhu...that's my hair. I will stop to use shampoo everyday...hmm..

Solution :
Use PH balance shampoo and avoid more pressure. The time you use conditioner, gives specialty to the middle part until the last part of hair. Avoid squeeze your hair using hot water. Where the temperature of hot water will open the pores and makes oil gland become more active.

Source : Remaja Magazine

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