Senin, 31 Mei 2010

Volume Your Hair

Hair Rolling
Use to give volume on hair (big roll) and gives curly impact on the hair. (small roll)

Funnel tool which is use with hair dryer. The shape of the funnel let hot air from hair dryer to be blown out and spread around the hair. When you use diffuser, bow down and crumple up your hair with your finger.

Hot Brush
This is the brush which is set on the hair dryer. When you use it, hair will be push up with the brush until hot air from thehair dryer can reach to the stem to make hair stay expanding.

Styling Foam
Put on the hair and brush it until it become even. Then, dry your hair and squeeze a little with fingers when it is blow. Don't let it dry in natural way because it gives wet look and flatten on the head.

Special porduct to gives additional volume on hair with expanding piece of hair until it looks thick. Spray on the stem and brush all around before blow it. Make it carefully to make sure the volume results successfully.

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