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Curvy Here...Curvy There...


The tummy can be the hardest area in your body to maintain or shape up. But that definitely doesnt mean that you cant wear what you want and look AMAZING in it.
Loose, flowing tops allow breathing room but with the slim sleeves, your shape can still be highlighted (for the best of course). It also gives a relaxed yet elegant boho look.
Again, loose fitting and flowing dresses swing over your tummy to hide those possible tummy troubles. And they're really fun to run around and twirl in. Again, you'll have the boho look but definitely works.
I know how hard it can be to find a great looking jacket that will hide what I hate about my tummy. Swing jackets button just above your stomach. It doesn't constrict or hug any of the wrong spots (definitely a plus).
If you're really into skirts but you cant seem to find the right one, a pleated skirt could work really well. The decorative aspect of the skirt draws attention away from your mid-section (and they look cute with just about any look).
Since its getting chilly now, sweaters are almost a MUST. But of course you don't want anything that could make your midsection look unsightly. An A-line shaped sweater makes a cute, trendy hoodie look but its a LOT comfier.


If you have curvy thighs, you might be the type to try to cover everything up. The long over-sized tops and baggy pants are things of the past. Some of you may not even DREAM of wearing a skirt but its always possible.
A longer (sometimes over sized) top that hits just above your thighs shows off your legs without covering everything up.
A belted smock dress shows off your middle but glides over your thighs (totally cute too!).
A cropped cut jacket has a sexy and chic look and it balances off your lower half.
An A-line skirt hides the curviest part of your body but the flouncy flow of it disguises it in the prettiest way.
A long sweater coat (one that comes up just above your knees) flows over (and yes, hides) the sides of your thighs making them look smaller and more sculpted.


Curvy girls may HATE some parts of their body but they can look just as beautiful in the clothes they love as everyone else.
Tops are sometimes the hardest thing to find that fits perfectly and makes you feel great about yourself. A fitted V-neck skims over your curves and it shows a little skin too. It's comfy, casual, yet can be dressed up and it goes with any kind of style.
An A-line dress is really comfy. It doesn't cling to any of the "wrong" spots. Adding a belt can be a great way to accentuate your waist. No more going without that perfect (and cute) and dress.
Belted wrap jackets clings slightly (but doesn't squeeze) your waist. It's really elegant and can either be dressed up or dressed down.
Pencil skirts aren't only cute and stylish, but they'll show off your legs and it'll even make you look slimmer.
Some people dread buying sweaters because getting the wrong one could make the trouble areas stand out. A sweater jacket with a slight A-line shape balances out your curves and goes with anything.

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