Rabu, 11 Mei 2011

Artisan jewellery for summer

It's not usual that I decide on a look for summer or slavishly follow current fashion trends yet I find myself on trend this spring summer 2011 with the artisan look.  The artisan trend is in full swing this spring summer  with lots of crochet tops and dresses, aztec patterned bags, trousers in tropical prints with macrame, fringes and tassels being key indicators of this artisan style.  While I don't see myself investing in a pair of crotchet shorts in memory of the 70s there are lots of accessories like crochet ballet pumps, crochet cardigans or fringed suede bags to add a fresh new dimension to your summer wardrode. 

Me I can't get enough of the handmade  artisan jewellery especially my flora and fauna jewellery which is the perfect summer wardrode jewellery accessory in summer.  Flower jewellery like my handmade necklaces, rings and earrings are now right on trend for that ethnic look that I love so much.  My firm favorites have to be my leather flower necklace, blue coral ring and heliconia copper earrings part of what I call my exotic jewellery box collection.

Add depth to your summer wardrobe with artisan jewellery handmade like Munique’s leather flower necklaces which are hand painted and look just as life-like as the hibiscus flower and the orchid flower.  This flower necklace will certainly create a mixture of textures with your look this summer. 

Blue jewellery is not an accessory I had in my wardrobe until I added my blue coral silver ring to my flora and fauna collection.  This blue silver ring is very sophisticated indeed with tiny beads for the stamen and circular shaped petals.  Best of all it is adjustable.  This may not be a oval cut Ceylon Sapphire surrounded by 18 diamonds, set in white gold like Princess Kate's engagement ring but it is a sophisticated handmade silver ring from the very unusual blue coral.  

The artisan look is not just about the clothes you wear but can really be brought out with the right accessories.  When I want to look really ethnic I reach for my bali girl necklace which looks like jewellery out of ancient Egypt.  My bali girl necklace is made of copper and brass which is fast becoming my most worn jewellery metal simply because the colour of copper jewellery is so amazing and it goes well with most looks including the nude look, a fashion trend that is always in style it seems. 

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