Rabu, 11 Mei 2011

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  • davede70
    Sep 11, 09:32 PM
    Could the combo of the update on the airport extreme and the update to the video ipod = a way to wirelessly update your ipod?

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  • jackaninny
    Mar 29, 12:41 PM
    I find it also humorous the number of people in this forum who are positive that this WON'T happen, and don't think THAT is a prediction. ;)


    Big difference in getting paid to do a bad job and doing it for free.

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  • HecubusPro
    Sep 14, 12:01 PM
    Prior to the date being given out for the press event I was fully expecting a new MBP at Photokina.

    However now given that it is on a Sunday I see no hope of an update. They wouldn't take down the store on a Sunday whereas the Apeture update will either be a free download or a preview of a 2.0 App therefore needing no major store changes.

    PS Is there any precedence of hardware updates on a Sunday?

    This is also another reason why I believe MBP updates will happen this Tuesday the 19th.

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  • adese
    Sep 13, 01:01 PM
    just ordered a black 80gb w/ engraving

    estimated ship : sept 18
    estimated delivery : sept 25

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  • hglk
    Mar 22, 01:33 PM
    I don't know if they can make the iMacs look better, IMO. They look really nice. hardware improvements would be the best way to keep these machines alive. unless ofcourse they pull of something amazing like they always do lol.

    To each their own, but in all reality, these are the best looking "all-in-ones" that i have ever seen.

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  • darwen
    Oct 13, 12:07 AM
    I am sure this has been said but I wanted to get my post in...

    Looks cool, just hope the $10 donation does not mean it will cost more. Red is not THAT great.

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  • BrettJDeriso
    Apr 19, 07:06 AM
    Way to bite the hand that feeds you, Steve. What an idiot. Production of Samsung Galaxy S handsets was brought to a crawl last year because of display shortages -shortages caused by tring to satify (oamong other things) Jobs' insatiable appetite for touch-sensitive screens.

    Jobs should be kissing Samsung's a__, not suing it.

    I suppose it's too much to hope Sammy would cut them off as a customer until this blows over. Of course, that wouldn't be in their best interests.

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  • Denndave
    Sep 26, 01:38 PM
    Also, I will not buy this phone if it is branded. I don't want some carrier's company name on my phone. Do you guys think Apple will allow Cingular to place their logo on the phone?

    In addition, doesn't Cingular alter the OEM software that comes on the phone? Why would I want to buy a phone that has been crippled? For example, if Apple makes it quad-band, and then I take a vacation to Europe and buy a prepaid sim only to later find that either the 900 or 1800 band has been disabled, thus giving me very bad coverage in certain areas. That would suck.

    I would really like to purchase an Apple phone (mainly so I can save my sms messages to my Mac so I don't have to delete them everytime my phone's memory is full).

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  • getBytesLoaded
    Sep 26, 02:08 PM
    Hey everybody,
    So often I hear people talk about how great the customer service is for Verizon, Cingular, and Sprint. Why are all of you in need of customer service with these companies? I'm with T Mobile and have never needed to call and straighten a bill out, or get credit applied to my account. I'd say the best customer service is the kind you don't need to use. So, I'm hoping that T Mobile will carry the iPhone 6 months after the initial release.

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  • NT1440
    Apr 10, 07:36 PM
    LA Times (http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-ikea-union-20110410,0,4172495,full.story)

    Well, the right has gotten what it wants. Low wages, no benefits, non-union jobs.

    What next? Reintroduction of slavery?

    This is the end product of capitalism and/or neoliberal policies. Look into "the race to the bottom" in terms of international relations.

    All by design. All well understood, but rarely spoken about to the public.

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  • ClimbingTheLog
    Sep 26, 04:43 PM
    You sound like a pain in the ass to have as a customer.

    That's pretty unfair - he said he called to get a bill fixed. What is he supposed to do, give as much of his money to the cell phone company as they see fit?

    If your job is dealing with cranky customers and don't much care for it you'll be much happier with a different job, trust me.

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  • apfhex
    Sep 4, 06:53 PM
    Insiders can only presume the device will take up the form of a video-enabled version of Apple's existing AirPort Express wireless base station, which lets users stream their iTunes music tracks from their computers to their home stereo receivers. It also acts as a wireless 802.11 router and printing hub.
    This would quite possibly be the best thing ever if it worked well (it would have to at least output 720p, if that's even *possible* over 802.11g/whatever). I've been waiting for a device like that for a rather long time.

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  • TheRick
    Sep 5, 02:07 PM
    This could be either really big or really bad. Either way, I don't see it going over to well without a burn to DVD option. It also needs a settop media mac. Either way, it'll be interesting to see how everything develops. Good thing I'll be in Milwaukee on the 12th. I might want to go to Mayfair to see how everything went.
    I live in Milwaukee so maybe I'll see you at Mayfar on the 12th. :)

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  • Number 41
    Mar 23, 05:13 PM
    The police should not be able to detain you without probable cause. PERIOD. If you are doing nothing wrong the cops should not stop you, EVER.

    It's the reason they publish notice of checkpoints -- you're considered to have consented to being stopped if you drive through a checkpoint after notice has been published.

    It's why I'm shocked Congress is targeting an app that gives that notice. They're attacking the very leg of Constitutional support these checkpoints stand on.

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  • kevin.rivers
    Jul 14, 11:19 AM
    What's up with the personal insults? If you want to pay top dollar for incremental increases that's your choice. Most of us "professionals" would prefer the fastest systems available, because as we all know, time is money!

    1: Where is this personal insult you speak of? You could have said this in the original post, instead you decided to call my comment "silly" with no reasoning. That is a personal insult, not to mention childish.

    2: I don't pay top dollar for incremental increase. Why the assumption?

    3: Professionals may upgrade processors, but they don't overclock. Overclocking causes instability and decreases the life of the chip. And take time to do it correctly. If time is money, then a professional doesn't have time to tinker with the FSB and multipliers for hours, then stability test at every change.

    4: The poster was saying he wouldn't buy a MBP unless it was swappable or overclockable, which since the dawn of time there have only been a few laptops where this was possible. I simply stated that he was asking too much for laptops. MacPro's and other Intel iMacs of course will more than likely be swappable, which the poster stated and is true.

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  • eNcrypTioN
    Feb 24, 10:06 AM
    People still use McAfee lol... :eek: Apple is smart, I doubt anything bad will come of this.

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  • DeathChill
    Apr 20, 08:41 PM
    Wow. Good find. How is Apple even gonna dispute that.

    Bottom Line, with this lawsuit, Apple has clearly declared they see Samsung as a very real threat. Samsung is MASSIVE. They are a true OEM. Look how they were able to pull off a revised Galaxy Tab 10.1 in a span of 2 months. That's true OEM muscle being flexed. Apple Knows this, hence their request to have the Galaxy devices removed from market.

    What an absolute joke. I'm still a little shocked Apple is even suing.

    Because, as it has been said on every single page, the image is flat out wrong. The Samsung F700 wasn't shown until AFTER the iPhone: February 2007.

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  • Bilbo63
    Apr 19, 07:24 AM
    Samsung running Android look very very similar to Apple's, to the point where it causes confusion in the marketplace for consumers. I've seen several people mistake one of these things for an iPhone because they look that similar. It's a combination of Google's Android and Samsung's hardware.

    This confusion is no accident, that was the intent all along. There is no reason why they could not create their own look and feel... change it up enough so it's not an obvious copy. Other handset makers have been able to do that.

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  • jose fuertes s.
    Sep 25, 11:31 AM
    i think LG's new phone is quite similar.

    Sep 26, 08:27 AM
    Yeah, this is pretty exciting news. I had already planned to call Verizon this morning to see when my contract is up.

    EDIT: $175 termination fee per phone and a good while to go on the contract. Yeouch! I may just have to keep my fingers crossed that Verizon Wireless gets the iPhone late next year.

    Yeah I don't think that is going to happen. I can't see Apple making a CDMA phone just for Verizon/Sprint. Making a GSM phone, especially if it is quad-band, would allow them to only make 1 phone for the world market.

    Jul 14, 09:51 AM
    iMac = Socket 479 (Yonah)
    Conroe = Socket 775

    So, no.

    since the iMac uses a laptop chip this should be no surprise (its practically a laptop)

    however merom (the mobile version of conroe or core 2 whatever) will drop in, so many people say ;)

    Apr 22, 02:18 PM
    Been waiting to get one for a while now. :o

    I do hope that the backlit keyboard comes to the 11.5 inch.:rolleyes:

    Bummed about Intel's graphics. I was hoping in some kind of settlement. :(

    There was a settlement. Intel gave NVIDIA $1.5 billion to go away. Unfortunately, that means Intel integrated graphics for the foreseeable future.

    Apr 14, 03:51 PM
    Will USB3 keep the little bears warmer?


    Sep 14, 02:29 AM
    How to make it a best seller:

    Being a true smart phone, capable of booting Mac OS X mobile (to be released) and thus being used as a wireless computerless remote for Keynote and PowerPoint presentations made on Mac or Windows.

    Will sell millions on corporate, education and domestic markets.

    With a huge halo effect!!!

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