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  • PurrBall
    Apr 30, 02:17 PM
    I seen it as more of a mid model refresh.
    TECHNICALLY been the same since 2008.

    If you mean the aluminum design, that was actually way back in 2007.

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  • segfaultdotorg
    Apr 22, 01:31 PM
    Again, why bother unless they will include a coupon for a free OS upgrade when Lion comes out in a couple of months?

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  • Michael Scrip
    Apr 22, 02:03 AM
    This sounds great..... will it be free?

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  • Apple Shmapple
    Sep 12, 03:09 PM
    Looks like the iPods are still at 5G with some tweaks, which is weird considering they had a whole year. .

    That is the common sense reaction. You're seeing mac zealots here trying to trumpet how great these new iPods are.

    Updating a 4:3 screen with another 4:3 screen and claiming it's improved is like Yugo rereleasing their car and claiming it's improved because the gas cap is a different color. It's still a Yugo.

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  • agmaster
    Apr 25, 01:05 PM
    Carbon Fiber body... Now that would be amazing!

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  • Chaszmyr
    Jul 14, 09:32 AM
    Does anyone think we should be hitting 4ghz about now?

    I mean weve been stuck on 2.x for ages. Whats the deal? A 4ghz quad would be frickin awesome. :confused:

    Intel got up to 3.4ghz with the Pentium 4, then they went back and released 2ghz with the Core Duo, so we're working back up from there.
    The 2ghz Core Duo is faster than the 3.4ghz Pentium 4

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  • bedifferent
    May 4, 03:38 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8G4 Safari/6533.18.5)

    What has Apple done since the iPhone:


    I think I covered enough :)

    u mad bro?

    Seriously though. Most of that is just you being angry at apple. It has nothing to do with the Mac Pro. At all. Not including a blu-ray drive is a FAR bigger nuisance to consumers than it is to professional users, yet you list it because, what? You're angry?

    Apple has no reason to discontinue the Mac Pro.

    No "bro," not mad at all, are you? There are more important things in the world to be mad about. Was just agreeing with another members comments. Don't want to discuss it further as it seems to be making others mad that I expressed my opinion. My apologies.

    And yes, most of my comments are in regard to professional users. It is rather frustrating that new users to Apple who came onboard with the iPhone and iOS, etc get upset with users who carried Apple through the many years they were borderline bankrupt before Jobs returned. Most don't even know what RI means or the difference bet IPS and S-IPS panels or that graphic designers almost always use hoods with non-antiglare displays as anti-glare disperses the pixels making fine editing difficult.

    My only point now is that Apple has dropped us, prosumers, for the masses of Soccer mom's and fashionista's with iPhones, iMacs and iPads. Funny how even Annie Leibovitz has left Apple systems due to this and that many in the film industry who invested thousands in Apple pro apps and hardware have switched platforms.

    However, this isn't a topic a lot of the newbies know or understand, so instead of discussing it civilly they get obnoxious and defensive.

    PS when did I state that Apple may discontinue the Mac Pro? I stated their focus has shifted, you're over reaching and reading emotions that don't exist in my comment(s).

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  • AppliedVisual
    Oct 27, 01:36 PM
    Somthing else that people don't readily think about is the fact that when paper is recycled, there are more chemicals put back into the environment in order to break it down to pulp than would be used to turn new pulp wood into paper.

    Well yeah... Afterall, it's a lot quicker to mass-produce paper dissolving chemicals than it is to grow new trees. :)

    It's like electric or hydrogen powered cars... Sure, the cars are "green" but that electricity comes from somewhere. Oh, that's right... we still have to burn oil, coal and natural gas for that. And hydrogen? OK, that's a better solution, voltaics (solar and such) can generate that, even in the convenience of your own home with a decent catalyst and some water. But we're just not quite there yet...

    Personally, I like atomic energy, but it's received such bad press over the years...

    de amor y otros demonios. quot;Las ideas no son de nadiequot; quot;Andan volando por ahi, como los angelesquot; Del amor y otros demonios. Gabriel Garcia Marquez (1994)
  • quot;Las ideas no son de nadiequot; quot;Andan volando por ahi, como los angelesquot; Del amor y otros demonios. Gabriel Garcia Marquez (1994)

  • Mydriasis
    Sep 14, 10:15 AM
    So please explain one thing, why is the special event two days before the shows starts? (Apple Special Event on the 24th, Photokina start on the 26th)

    Who goes to these special events? The press? There won't be any 'normal' visitors there yet, only other companies preparing for the event? Why send someone from the press two days in advance?

    Are they just using Photokina to reduce the hassel of organising a big media event themselves?

    I have no clue, I never attended or organized such an event!

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  • Warbrain
    Apr 20, 10:04 AM
    I'd rather have none at all. This is a file being stored. It's big bad news.

    Of course that's the ideal answer but an impossible answer. So again, Google or your device/computer?

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  • duervo
    Mar 23, 06:14 PM
    should we ban email? I get mass emails on occasion from people at work notifying me of check points. Where does the censorship end "to save a life"?

    Where does it begin to save a life? Removing apps that give real-time status to DUI checkpoints.

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  • directora del “Del amor y

  • bitfactory
    Oct 27, 09:45 AM
    As I said, fewer and fewer spaces where public debate can take place. Shopping malls are the same - 'public spaces' that aren't. Soon streets that have been public for years will start to be be privatised to provide 'better value for taxpayers' and the takeover will continue.

    Then where can free debate take place? Some postage-stamp size bit of turf you call home?

    Huh? Here, this might help. (http://www.macupdate.com/info.php/id/12293)

    ... and who thought shopping malls were public places? WTH? Honestly.

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  • de la novela “Del amor y

  • rtkane
    Apr 4, 12:17 PM
    I'm as pro gun rights as anyone, but this sounds like a problem for the security guard. Unless that guard's life was in danger, there was no reason to shoot anyone, especially in the head. The placement of that shot was no accident.

    That being said, I'm sure there are a lot of facts we don't know. Innocent until proven guilty, of course.

    Unfortunately justified shooting or not it's always a problem for the shooter. I highly doubt the headshot was intentional. Unless he's an ex-special forces guy, he probably was just shooting wildly and got a lucky shot (well, lucky might not be the right word). When bullets started flying, he was probably terrified without enough composure to aim for the head. And if he came upon armed people, identified himself and they pointed guns at him, he has a very valid reason to shoot them. The mere presence of weapons puts the guard's life in danger.

    It's odd that you judge his actions in the first part of your post, but then say that there's not enough facts in the second. :confused:

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  • de amor y otros demonios.

  • Eidorian
    Sep 9, 11:41 AM
    Sounds like a set of chips to me ;)

    daveNapa isn't a chipset. It's a grouping on Intel components (processor, northbridge/southbridge, and wireless) that make up the Napa platform.

    Apple only uses the processors and northbridge/southbridge from Intel. Chipset normally ONLY refers to the north/southbridge.

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  • Sydde
    Apr 10, 08:58 PM
    Where the F is THAT???
    Swindon England : 55� 33' 46" N by 1� 46' 17" W
    Until a radical shift in our system happens, such as 3rd parties somehow becoming viable, these things will only continue. Institutions are self perpetuating and reinforcing, unless changed from the bottom (the only place such a change can possibly occur), the problems this country faces will only be contributed to and not combated.

    First, we need to institute total no-opt-out public financing of all elections. Then we should explore something like an inflexible expiration for all corporate charters, say 9 years (about half a patent term). Dissolution would begin by satisfying the investors and then proceed to establishing non-incorporated component businesses to maintain (if necessary) the products/services the corporation had established, creating a co�perative arrangement if appropriate.

    Right now, long-lived large business has replaced the problem that the dynamic democratic republic was supposed to address. We have no official peerage, but what we do have is almost indistinguishable.

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  • A pesar de que la película

  • balamw
    Aug 24, 09:26 AM
    Creative does not have 100 mil to blow on lawyers. Either way you look at it, apple legal cost would not have approached 100 mil.
    Even though the SCO case is not a patent dispute, it's a good example of how a company with pending legal disputes with potentially big outcomes can always find sources to finance their lawsuits.


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  • suzerain
    Sep 26, 02:34 PM
    I had no trouble getting an unlock code from Cingular for a SLVR I bought from them. Here's pix I just took showing it in use back home on the Telstra network.

    I ended up doing the reverse. I bought a SLVR in China and brought it back to the USA. It's so nice not to have to be on any ****ing "contract". (Sorry, I just really hate the state of the cellphone market in the USA.)

    I just want WiFi VoIP phones to come along and wipe out the whole market...I think that will have to wait for WiMax rollouts nationwide, though.

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  • calculus
    Oct 28, 03:23 AM
    something to do with the magna carte

    Does Magna Carta mean nothing to you? Did she die in vain!

    ...sorry, couldn't resist.:)

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  • Sobering
    Sep 4, 03:32 PM
    New iMacs? Are you freakin kidding me? I just bought a damn iMac and now there is already new ones! Pffff...

    Apr 22, 08:45 AM
    knowing how apple is.....probably itunes purchases only.

    Highly doubt it. I really hope not to be honest. They need to be competitive with Amazon if they do iTunes purchases only I believe they will lose a ton of Market share to Amazon. I think (hope) that Apple is smarter than that.

    Apr 22, 11:50 AM
    then why did apple cripple the 13" macbook pro's with ****** resolution then?

    Because they can. The 13" MBP is a gateway drug.

    Apr 11, 01:11 PM
    The US Government bailed out Wall Street and the Auto Industry. Then, they almost shut down themselves... :eek:

    The US Government almost couldn't even bail itself out... :eek:

    Yes, it is getting worse, you can tell, the media says we are no longer in a recession... ;)

    Yes, my friends did find work, but they can barely make ends meet and a 1/2 car ride each way turned into a 1.5 hour car/train/walk each way.

    They're not happy... (2 hours extra of commuting for a job where you need to whip out the credit card for essentials like food and gas).

    It will definitely be interesting how things will churn out...

    Apr 22, 08:44 PM
    C'mon Apple give us some new machines to actually talk about - like SB mini; like SB imac; like SB air.

    Sep 16, 10:36 AM
    That's not speculation, a Zune phone is part of their stated plans (http://today.reuters.co.uk/news/articlenews.aspx?type=internetNews&storyID=2006-09-14T213034Z_01_N14304886_RTRIDST_0_OUKIN-UK-MICROSOFT-ZUNE-PHONE.XML).

    But then why would he say "Some people might be coming up with that soon" ?

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