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harry potter world orlando universal boulevard orlando fl

harry potter world orlando universal boulevard orlando fl. The Wizarding World of Harry
  • The Wizarding World of Harry

  • FFTT
    Sep 10, 05:28 AM
    What ever Apple decides to do, the result will have to be better than any Vista
    Powered AMD set-up.

    The thing is that Apple has not only set a standard for performance, but also
    for QUIET that no other workstation in it's class has ever achieved.

    They won't be able to maintain that ground if they cut too many corners.

    Some of these quad core designs will be a success and some with probably fail
    to meet Apple's standards.

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  • kdarling
    Apr 19, 01:44 PM
    Wait, people actually still listen to actual radios?

    Please read post #162 above (http://forums.macrumors.com/showpost.php?p=12421810&postcount=162), for a definition of "radio controls" that is different from what you thought.

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  • Harry+potter+world+orlando

  • yg17
    Apr 25, 07:36 AM
    Hmm and my opinion of Ivy League schools goes down more.
    Shows that many who go in and come out of there are unethical. Explains why so much wrong with the country because it is lead by the unethical people.

    It's not brains that get you into ivy league schools, it's money. See George W Bush, and if our friend Don here gets into Harvard, I think he will be another example of that.

    Of course, I don't believe for a second that Don has the money or connections to get into Harvard. I think he's some poor lonely kid sitting in his parents' basement acting like Mr. Tough Guy on the internet because it makes him feel like a better person, when in reality, it doesn't.

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  • Solomon#39;s Blog: harry potter world orlando universal boulevard orlando fl

  • cleric
    Apr 22, 01:55 PM
    Youtube is a problem. The Intel 3000HD still isn't supported by the Video Decode Acceleration Framework (VDA for short) that Apple released in 2010 to enable Adobe to implement hardware decoding of H.264 video. So right now, a MBA is offloading decoding to the nVidia 320M, while a new SB MBA would revert to standard CPU decoding, throwing us back to the dark ages of ****** Flash, where we now have passable Flash.

    If thats the case it pretty much makes it useless, especially when there is an official version of VLC with h264 acceleration.

    harry potter world orlando universal boulevard orlando fl. Thursday, July 29, 2010
  • Thursday, July 29, 2010

  • mox358
    Sep 4, 09:51 PM
    They might want to make money off of the millions of people who watch TV outside of the US (where they don't sell their TV shows). They also don't have to provide for every TV possibility, just as EyeTV doesn't cover all options (and I agree with others that EyeTV is a good solution, but why not have a true Apple alternative?).

    Very good counterpoint. But then to protect their TV show sales in the U.S. if they leave out the tuner here, and include in it other countries that would look really bad.

    The obvious solution is not to include one from the start. If people want one, then sell them the EyeTV on the Apple store. Makes Apple's base hardware cheaper (which looks good in advertisements), keeps all their hardware the same in different countries (which looks good to investors and the public doesn't feel like they're getting screwed), and still offer the option to those who want it while keeping a Mac supporting company happy (by not stepping on their toes and killing them).

    I don't think a TV tuner/Media mac is a bad idea, I just don't think its gonna happen for the reasons I mentioned. I could be wrong though, I'm just speculating. I haven't had a chance to take any crappy camera phone pictures of un-announced Apple products in shady elevators lately:D

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  • Harry Potter Cast: Orlando .

  • alent1234
    Apr 29, 02:11 PM
    I would call more than half its life, counting today, to be "long".


    The division sold its first unit in being started (and costing money) well before that, no doubt. It didn't hit "black" until 2008. In big business, that's basically a miracle story of survival. If Sony wasn't making money elsewhere, you can bet it would not have even made the 360.

    both articles say the division/business unit that the x-box is in finally turned a profit. in 2010 this unit also included Office for Mac and Zune. the latest earnings release has no mention of Office for Mac in this unit but it still has windows phone and Microsoft's IP Television unit. ironically the big profit jump came after office for mac was kicked out of the unit

    i'm bet x-box has been doing just fine and that windows phone and the IPTV units are the loss leaders

    at some point apple is going to stop growing because the market penetration of smartphones will be at the point where you are just selling replacement phones. since AT&T opened the floodgates last year for early upgrades we'll see how things go this year

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  • jasper77
    Sep 5, 05:50 PM
    NOW you're on to something.Let's expand on that ;)

    Where is the video out from the airport going to go ? The TV of course!


    Why not just make a Mini type box with 802.11n with DVI/HDMI/S-Video and Digital/Analog out ports.Connect that to the tv then stream from your computer or the movie store.While we're at it toss a hefty HD in the mini for recording.

    It's much more convenient too.Just sit on the couch and surf Front Row for movies then buy it and send it to the tv.POW! one step..

    Apple IS about ease of use..

    ease of use à la apple = buy/download a movie in the itunes movie store and stream it via airport av from your mac to a tv. or take a subscription to a tv show (like Lost or Prison Break) and let iTunes automatically download each new episode (via RSS) to your hard drive and than stream it to your tv whenever you want.

    I don't think recording is the future.

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  • ChazUK
    Mar 29, 12:36 PM
    All of you W7 humpers please try and "snap" two excel or word files next to each other. Oh that right you cant, because heaven forbid I would want to do that and work simultaneous on two MS office files.

    Have I just done the impossible? :D
    http://img215.imageshack.us/img215/5492/excels.th.png (http://img215.imageshack.us/i/excels.png/) http://img140.imageshack.us/img140/8916/wordc.th.png (http://img140.imageshack.us/i/wordc.png/)

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  • Multimedia
    Sep 12, 03:33 AM
    Multimedia, in the Sept.12th thread, you said:

    "I now predict a 50% chance the C2Q Mac will be unveiled tomorrow. And if not tomorrow no later than early November."

    I guess that's what people disagreed with (although I haven't finished reading the whole thread yet). I agree with you that it is indeed really big news and I still can't quite wrap my mind around the idea, but I'd be extremely surprised if Apple announces anything Kentsfield later today. (It's already the 12th here in South Korea.)I agree. I let my enthusasm for the surprise Core 2 Quadro would be ready for retail shelves mid October swept my logic away. I've changed that post since coming to my senses.

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  • by Universal Orlando,

  • loungecorps
    May 1, 01:23 AM
    Curious that everyone is clamoring for a thunderbolt-enabled machine, but there isn't a single thunderbolt drive available on the market.

    I guess some people just need to feel like they have new stuff even if it's totally pointless.

    post production just got cheaper because of this. thunderbolt is being adopted quickly by company's the manufacture video equpment

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  • randyharris
    Sep 9, 01:49 AM
    20% is a decent improvement in speed. However, I won't be replacing my 20" Intel iMac any time soon. There will be a time when I can't resist the upgrade, and a 24" is very appealing. But it's not a necessity - it's a desire.

    The way things progress, I might find myself looking at a 3ghz iMac Core 4 Duo's in a couple years - and when that come out I'll be looking more closely.

    Randy at http://www.MacSeven.com

    harry potter world orlando universal boulevard orlando fl. Harry Potter Theme Park
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  • joepunk
    Apr 18, 08:48 PM
    That's incredible! How can that be the case? Here it is 28 days paid days off if you work a normal 5 day week.

    I wish we had that here. I'm amazed that some Europeans I have meet through the Disney College/International program want to live and work in the U.S. Now, working for Disney (free park admission) I can understand but not at the ~$7.00/hr that one would get paid when starting out as a regular cast member.

    Of course it could have been the few Norwegian's that I meet who wanted to stay in sunny warm Florida.

    harry potter world orlando universal boulevard orlando fl. While Harry Potter fans
  • While Harry Potter fans

  • ericswyatt
    Apr 30, 03:35 PM
    They will be listed under the Refurbished Section. It will be a good deal, yes. It sounds like you wouldn't need the newest model anyway.

    Right. I mean, I'll look at the newer models, sure...may even decide to go that way, but if I can get a good deal on the "old" model, I'm probably leaning toward that...have been waiting for the refresh to see if I can get a lower price, etc.

    That being said, will they be pretty quick to move old stock into the refurb section? I really wasn't paying close attention to how quickly 1st gen iPads were discounted, I just know they were, at some point....also, will the retail stores sell off older model stock or do they ship them all back to be sold centrally from the refurb store?

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  • Universal, Orlando, Florida

  • iMikeT
    Sep 19, 04:27 PM
    I think that this is a good thing. Hopefully, it will convince other studios to join the iTS for distribution. And on top of that, Apple can sell high(er) definition movies.

    harry potter world orlando universal boulevard orlando fl. *ORLANDO, Fla.
  • *ORLANDO, Fla.

  • p0intblank
    Sep 14, 01:22 PM
    All I have to say is....

    Encore of the John Legend performance will have the crowd going NUTS :rolleyes:

    What do you mean by this? Dull crowd...? If so, then I agree. The crowd hardly cheered like they usually do.

    harry potter world orlando universal boulevard orlando fl. Universal Orlando#39;s three
  • Universal Orlando#39;s three

  • roadbloc
    Apr 22, 07:21 AM
    This sounds great..... will it be free?
    Is the world flat?

    harry potter world orlando universal boulevard orlando fl. Article. Ric Florell
  • Article. Ric Florell

  • BWhaler
    Sep 27, 04:43 AM
    Enough with the dance. Release the product already.

    Every cell phone on the market sucks in some way. I'd love to have an Apple phone which simply just works.

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  • Harry Potter: Orlando, FL

  • ericinboston
    Apr 28, 05:24 PM
    Apple and MS haven't competed against each other since 1993. And back then it was still just on the OS.

    Apple has always competed against the entire Wintel PC market...not just Microsoft's Windows OS.

    It's all about 2 different business models, essentially centering at the OS:

    1)Apple makes, sells, supports the Mac OS and Mac hardware

    2)Microsoft, on the other hand, simply creates the OS and licenses it to hardware vendors.

    Of course Microsoft is unhappy with this breaking news but they, again, are 2 completely different business models. One could write a small book on the topic.

    harry potter world orlando universal boulevard orlando fl. Wizarding World of Harry
  • Wizarding World of Harry

  • wildmac
    Sep 10, 12:02 PM
    If you need it get it now. If you can wait 6 months then wait. What is out is better than what you have, just be ready than in 6 months there will be something better. This is always the case even if you stay in the Win Camp.

    Yep, if you want an iMac, then buy it NOW. The laptops will soon see upgrades, but the rest of the product line is up-to-date.

    And... unless you are doing hard-core gaming or intensive graphics or scientific work, a CPU upgrade is not likely to be noticed in your real-world computing.

    Sep 26, 11:11 AM
    I see, another "we'll start in US and maybe in the future do something for the rest of the world, too" product.

    Well, good luck finding an exclusive deal in Belgium, you can't "lock" cell phones here, we believe in choice. Hopefully it will be GSM (100 % coverage)

    Apple is likely having to GIVE exclusive rights to carriers to get them to carry the phone (in return for pushing the phone, etc.)... I doubt Apple wants limit the potential market for any phone they come out with. So if carriers in Belgium are not allowed to lock a phone to one carrier then you likely have nothing to worry about.

    ...and by the way you have CHOICE to not buy something that you don't want to purchase and for whatever reasons.

    Apr 11, 03:22 AM
    55 miles to the gallon isn't even abnormal, a lot of standard hatchbacks/small family cars do that and more.

    55 miles per US gallon ;). Thats 70 miles per imperial gallon as US gallons are smaller.

    Apr 28, 08:45 PM
    I'm pretty certain Apple knew this day was coming.

    Apr 20, 10:33 AM
    Wait, my location services are off....and so is find my iphone.

    So Im not being tracked, right?

    Some say yes, some say no. We'll wait and see if the data is actually stored.

    Mar 23, 06:19 PM
    Same here in NJ...The local papers always list the upcoming check points...Legally obligated to

    Maybe certain municipalities do list them, but NJ does not have a law like that.

    And all of you who say "the country is in flames", "unemployment is high", and ask how politicians can focus their time on this is amazing...you people are stupid. Do you understand how being a politician works? What their staff does all day? That you can't fix a nation in a day?

    And not that it really matters, but our problem in America is that we're refusing to accept the global economy and that we can't remain a strong manufacturer and a strong service provider...tariffs and taxes won't accomodate both happily.

    We still have an incredibly strong economy, so I don't really see what anyone is complaining about...

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