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jackie kennedy blood stained dress

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  • MattDell
    Sep 2, 09:01 PM
    Interesting tidbit I thought I'd share:

    My gf's dad is in the military and he was asking about Macbooks at AAFES because my gf has been saving up to buy one. The salesman there said that they were out of stock at the moment, but that they could order one and it would ship out either the 12th or 15th of September.

    Sounds promising!! :)


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  • nomad01
    Sep 14, 01:47 AM
    Its an ipod with a longer screen and a slider.....well at least for me I see nothing too interesting in it...just another ipod you can talk to.

    Yep I agree, it's not a revolutionary design but I'm REALLY more interested in what it will do. I'm really excited by an Apple phone operating system. Mobile iCal? Mobile Widgets? Who knows? Could just be an iPod with limited phone functionality.

    Bring it on! :-)

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  • Erasmus
    Aug 29, 06:35 AM
    Not in MacBook nor MacBook Pros because they have no socket. You can only upgrade mini and iMac with Merom because only they both have compatible sockets. :rolleyes:

    I'm pretty sure the guy doesn't deserve to be shot down.

    It seems to me that by "MB" he did not bean "MacBook" as is the most common use of these two letters, but "Mother Board" which makes perfect sense, covers all Yonah macs and is perfectly true. Disregarding the soldering issue of the 'books, which is a different point.

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  • MacMan86
    Apr 12, 06:21 AM
    Unless, as mentioned earlier in this thread, that 3rd party hardware includes the ability to upgrade its firmware. In that case, all customers will be required to install a mandatory "security" bug fix which installs support for a new private key, and everything proceeds as normal.

    Heck, it's even possible that Apple might already have planned for this contingency, and instead of just having one private key, they may have come up with a set of many private keys to choose from, and also preprogrammed support for all of those keys into every properly licensed accessory. Maybe they just planned to use the first key up until it was compromised, and then move on to another.

    Now, they might just push a new iTunes upgrade that blacklists the compromised key and moves on to another one -- and at the same time, instruct all licensed equipment to also add that key to their own blacklist (while continuing to maintain seamless support for all the remainder of the preprogrammed keys) the next time the licensed equipment connects to an authorized audio source.

    (Unless, maybe the reverse engineer in this case already anticipated such an eventuality, and actually extracted all of the keys -- assuming, of course, that there really are multiple keys. If that were the case, then the reverse engineer hypothetically might have defeated the entire benefit that Apple might have derived from hypothetically having multiple keys to choose from in the first place...)

    What's a little crazy with that is you start to believe your own hypothetical, made-up engineering. Now, no one here knows anything for sure, but, I think we can say with some certainty that Apple won't be changing the key in iTunes.

    3rd party hardware includes the ability to upgrade its firmware
    Sweeping generalisation. Those simple iHome AirPlay speakers can be connected to a computer and then firmware upgraded? Very unlikely. Not every AirPlay licensed hardware is an expensive Hi-Fi amp with upgradable firmware.

    Heck, it's even possible that Apple might already have planned for this contingency, and instead of just having one private key, they may have come up with a set of many private keys to choose from
    Near enough pointless. If someone is able to get hold of one private key, they're in a position to get hold of any others. This guy dumped the ROM after all.

    The biggest reason for Apple not to change the key is it would break everything. A "mandatory "security" bug fix" isn't feasible for hardware, it would be like trying to organise a product recall - you could never tell everyone, and everyone would be wondering why their product suddenly broke - the companies behind these products would be swamped with support calls. You simply can't just bring out an update that breaks everything, hoping that customers will somehow update hardware that might not even be up-dateable.

    tl;dr - However Apple engineered this, it's almost certainly not like that ^

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  • aloshka
    Mar 29, 01:01 PM
    I think he was referring to the older versions of Office that had weird MDI interfaces for Word and Excel, so that it only displayed one document at a time, unless you explicitly forced two separate instances of the application to run at the same time.

    Actually there is still annoyances with that. While you can run two instances of Excel they still use a weird MDI interface if you are just double clicking to open files. A nightmare if you have dual monitors, and still not fixed in Office 2010.

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  • Katharine
    Oct 12, 08:24 PM
    Yahoo has an article about the Red iPod and the whole charity project.

    It also looks like there will be a $25 Red Itunes Gift card.

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  • PeterQVenkman
    Apr 15, 11:27 AM
    This is most unfortunate. Now that TB is a reality, it would be far better if Intel just kills USB 3.0 completely as fast as possible. There is absolutely no advantage whatsoever in having USB survive past 2.0 at this point.

    Sure there is. Higher speeds and backwards compatibility with older ports.

    With 3.0 barely entering the market, there is no value in letting it get a foothold.

    It's barely entered the market - on the mac. I'm rocking 6 usb 3 ports over here.

    This is most unfortunate. Now that TB is a reality, it would be far better if Intel just kills USB 3.0 completely as fast as possible. There is absolutely no advantage whatsoever in having USB survive past 2.0 at this point.

    Sure there is. Higher speeds and backwards compatibility with older ports with no adapters.

    It is pathetically obsolete compared to TB.

    Compared to devices which nobody has which are not compatible with anything else? Compared to a next gen connector that is on one line of apple only products?

    Thunderbolt is sweet, but nobody is using it yet and it is a unique connector. I smell another expensive adapter market coming...

    What is with the comments about wanting USB 3.0 on Macs? What a huge waste of time and money

    It's not expensive and whose time is it wasting? I mean other than people foaming at the mouth on forums.

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  • NebulaClash
    Mar 29, 11:30 AM
    IDC, in their typically throw-a-dart clueless approach, seems to be shifting all the Symbian market share over to Microsoft. Yeah, right, like that'll happen!

    And remember that in the Android bucket are all the Chinese knockoffs that don't run the Android store and are Android in name only, but hey, IDC will throw them into the bucket. As for iOS, well, if you are an iPod touch you don't count, and neither do the iPads. Phones only, please, even if you are just an Asian knockoff. So remember that the iOS market share is quite a bit larger than shown here.

    Finally, I see market share, but where is the chart of revenue share? Oh right, that wouldn't please their corporate sponsors, so IDC focuses on market share only.

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  • jz1492
    Nov 13, 03:56 PM
    The difference is with a client I can show them a prototype, or mock up, prior to having to put all the resources into creating a fully functioning app.

    I don't know about you, but I have done it many, many times, and I have never encountered a client who doesn't want at the end to tweak and add and tweak and sometimes reject, then conditionally approve, their way to deployment.

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  • aiqw9182
    Apr 30, 06:25 PM
    Sooo looking forward to this! I'll probably get one from the Apple Store the following day maybe. Highest stock model for me! Well, unless the price jumps up from the current one. Oh and a bad GPU will make me buy a new PC that day. So come on good GPU!

    The GPU offerings will most likely be the following:
    Low end 21.5" - 6490M rebranded as a 6450
    High end 21.5" and low end 27" - 6750M rebranded as a 6570 or 6670
    High end 27" - 6950M rebranded as a 6750 or 6770

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  • munkery
    Mar 22, 08:35 PM
    A privilege checking issue existed in the i386_set_ldt system call's handling of call gates. A local user may be able to execute arbitrary code with system privileges. This issue is addressed by disallowing creation of call gate entries via i386_set_ldt().

    Generating a successful malware from that list of vulnerabilities has two requirements:

    1) A remote arbitrary code execution vulnerability has to be linked to a local privilege escalation vulnerability.

    2) Those vulnerabilities that can be linked together must both be exploitable. Not all vulnerabilities are exploitable.

    The only local privilege escalation vulnerability in that update is shown above. To be linked to a remote vulnerability to create a successful malware requires the following:

    1) The call function must be used by a process that also has an remote vulnerability so that the vulns can be linked together to install a payload, such as rootkit. It is likely that not all processes will use that call function. Also, that call function is for 32-bit processes and most client side software in Mac OS X that may contain a remote exploit are 64-bit processes.

    2) The two vulnerabilities have to be reliably exploitable once linked together as well as being reliably exploitable independently so that they can actually be linked together. Again, not all vulnerabilities are exploitable.

    Linking together remote and local exploits is more difficult in Mac OS X than Windows. This is because Windows has far more local privilege escalation exploits than Mac OS X. Another factor is that the different levels of Windows are less insulated from each other than the different levels of Mac OS X. A common method to achieve privilege escalation in Windows is by manipulating registry values.

    http://www.exploit-db.com/bypassing-uac-with-user-privilege-under-windows-vista7-mirror/ -> outlines how to exploit win32k.sys vulnerabilities by manipulating registry values.

    http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvekey.cgi?keyword=win32k -> list of win32k.sys vulnerabilities.

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  • Ommid
    Apr 25, 01:15 PM
    What do you mean, "you people"

    Image (http://oneguyrambling.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/600full-tropic-thunder-photo.jpg)

    Lol, I was referring to the Ill wait for the new one to come out people actually. Haha

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  • Stella
    Mar 30, 12:56 PM
    Scotch tape.

    In the UK its sellotape ( got the spelling correct ) to refer to sticky tape.

    "Don't sellotape the paper to the wall, the paint will come off!"

    Scotch tape is a brand name of sticky tape, as is sellotape.

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  • puckhead193
    Oct 12, 07:02 PM
    from the pictures it looks gotta check it out in person though

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  • gugy
    Aug 31, 11:41 AM
    If there is a Special Event then we might see the new Ipod Video and maybe the Itunes Movie Store.

    To go a little crazy, maybe the Media Center.

    Updates for MacMini and Laptops at this time will be a simple Tuesday update on Apple's site. I see no reason to have an Special Event for that.

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  • Micjose
    Apr 25, 01:44 PM
    YESSS! Exactly what i wanted to hear. I'm waiting till the new redesign comes out to buy my First MacBook Pro.. :D

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  • AidenShaw
    Sep 9, 10:01 AM
    Good - now we won't have to wade through any arguments with fanbois who claim that the iMac is the "most powerful desktop on the planet"....


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  • daneoni
    Apr 22, 12:02 PM
    Embrace your new Intel HD 3000 overlord.

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  • Number 41
    Mar 23, 05:18 PM
    People who speed and drive under the influence make me sick. Pull the apps. And when you catch the scum, throw them n jail and take away their licence. The don't deserve to walk among us.

    The overwhelming majority of DUI/OVI offenders are otherwise law-abiding, taxpaying citizens who make a mistake and never repeat it again.

    Mandatory jail time for OVI charges (which virtually all states now have), in this day and age, is akin to an employment death-sentence for many people who lose their job if they have to do time.

    If anything, OVI penalties are already too harsh for first time offenders.

    Sep 5, 12:17 PM
    It'll wind up being a leather case for the Apple Remote (http://store.apple.com/1-800-MY-APPLE/WebObjects/AppleStore.woa/6144003/wo/7Y7flo4AsURz2NOCZS61W2wPnre/

    You heard it here first.

    May 3, 10:15 AM
    Does anything use Thunderbolt yet? Will anything ever?

    Sep 9, 08:10 PM
    All I can say is I can't wait for the Merom Macbooks! Speed increases are always nice things. :D

    Sep 5, 02:05 PM
    Good move but I bet its riddled with DRM:mad:

    It would have to be otherwise the studios won't agree to it.

    Apr 22, 04:48 AM
    I have no idea how this would be useful. Buffer times, connection loss, no WiFi around, these are all problems that will prevent this from working.

    What's wrong with storing music on hard drives locally?

    I think the idea is, you could log onto your account from anyone's iOS device and now you'd be able to play any of your songs.

    Also, opens up the door to automatically syncing multiple iOS devices without having to do anything. Add music to your library and now it's available on all your devices without physical syncing.

    It will be interesting to see what Apple's spin is on this. They've invested a ton into this so there has to be a "big thing" that goes with this.

    UPDATE: Read some more comments and I have to agree.... this allows people with small storage devices like a 16BG iPad to have access to much larger music libraries and you no longer have to juggle playlists. Smart.

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