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Dinner For Schmucks

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  • Ivabign
    Apr 6, 05:53 PM
    So is a tesla, but I've yet to see one in person. you can't buy what you can't see. apple kills.

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  • Dinner for Schmucks.

  • VanMac
    Apr 26, 02:09 PM
    Competition is good :) Keeps Apple on their toes

    Don't need another MS Monopoly.......

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  • SchneiderMan
    Mar 30, 01:18 AM
    Who cares? There are greater things to worry about than iPods at the moment..

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  • Old Muley
    Apr 21, 06:33 PM
    Could this become the fabled "headless iMac"?

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  • Evergreen
    Aug 7, 08:05 PM
    Is it liquid cooled?

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  • Mainyehc
    Nov 26, 04:32 PM
    Transmeta black hole sucking.

    Ehe... I had no idea... Then again, (I hope I'm not starting a flamewar here :D ), the G4 kinda "sucks", performance-wise, when compared to a C2D...

    I'm not saying that the OQO is a top performer. I never tried one and haven't seen benchmarks on the Trasmeta, so I'll take your word for it.

    But, I mean, just look at the *size* of that thing! Apple could conceivably produce a product like that with an ULV processor, and with similar (or even better) specs, right?

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  • Yamcha
    Mar 28, 11:42 AM
    I'm surprised at the response, I'm personally looking more forward to Mac OS then anything else, I couldn't care much for the next iPhone..

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  • koobcamuk
    Apr 25, 09:51 AM
    Yeah, who really cares if someone can see where you've been anyway, unless you are cheating on your wife or have committed a crime. And in the latter case, this information is available from the cell company anyway via a court order.

    Yeah, you're right. We should all be geo-tagged from birth and have cameras implanted in our eyes so that the Government can catch bad people. We have nothing to hide, afterall.

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  • lilo777
    Apr 25, 11:33 AM
    Even if we take SJ at his word (stupid idea, I know). The fact remains that Apple does store the database of all your moves on the phone and PC for eternity thus preserving the capability to access it any time they want. This is clearly a very bad idea any way you look at it.

    Putting on SJ hat:

    "You are all idiots anyways"

    Sent from my iPhone

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  • Slurpy2k8
    Apr 7, 02:19 PM
    Some of you people are ****ing hilarious, and heinously hypocritical.

    The same people who bash (and are still bashing) Apple for not having enough iPad2 supply (to satiate an absolutely insane demand), calling it some sort of conspiracy to create demand, are the same people now bashing Apple for procuring and guaranteeing these components ahead of time, which inevitably has had a negative effect on companies.

    What the hell do you people want? Apple will clearly sell every damn iPad2 they produce, and they'll do what they need to do to produce as much as they can. Having a ton of cash reserves, and the foresight to pay for these compoenents in advance makes them an effective, and intelligent company, not monopolistic. Should Apple shoot itself in the face to please its competitors? Should any company? Unbelievable.

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  • Ommid
    Apr 24, 06:19 AM
    Very cool! But I hope it will not come until late 2012 :D


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  • vigilant
    Mar 30, 07:45 PM
    iCal has been visually overhauled to look like the iPad version

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  • maclaptop
    Apr 26, 02:12 PM
    Who cares? I thought this was macrumors not android news...

    Android scares the hell out of Apple :eek:

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  • dukebound85
    Apr 10, 11:07 AM
    I wish there was a poll option of who is getting 288 and is say in a technical field such as engineering/stats/physics, etc

    My guess is that 288 is coming from people who use math extensively and 2 coming from those who may not...

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  • TallManNY
    Apr 7, 10:44 AM
    I don't believe this report. How hard could it be for RIM to acquire the 100,000 screens they can expect to sell? This is just an excuse for the delay for them to work out the software bugs. Sure Apple has a lot of factories going day and night to produce iPads. But the early reports were only in the 60% of manufacturing capacity. Maybe it is more, but it isn't like RIM needs to make one million of these devices a month. Seriously, 100,000 will be plenty for the first month of U.S. sales. Maybe if enterprises really get on board, then sales will ramp up. But businesses are going to run three months of tests before they role out the big blackberries for the staff.

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  • snberk103
    May 6, 11:27 AM
    I can understand the intuitive justification of this argument, but I'd like to see something more rigorous before I accept it. My own intuitive sense is that learning measurement systems, while important to early child development, don't, in of themselves (i.e., imperial or metric), have a causal relationship with math and science success (or failure) in school. I think there are other much stronger factors to success in math and engineering. One example: "male malaise" in the UK and the USA (a general problem in elementary and secondary schools); also, public school math programs are not rigorous and set the bar relatively low.

    Tell you what ..... you go and find 20 kids in grade 3 or 4. Teach 10 of them how to multiply 3 13/16" by 3, and then teach the other 10 how to multiply 96.8 by 3. Then see how many from each group decide to take up social work, or teaching history, becoming a ski instructor as a profession :D.

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  • davegoody
    Dec 31, 02:20 PM
    I decided to give it a try and all it ever finds are little things that only can affect Windows :rolleyes:

    Would you be happier if Sophos or any other OSX AV solution found lots of Viruses on your system ? - It is not about clearing your system of OSX malware, at the time of writing this there is little to zero by way of Viruses etc out there for OSX. - As the platform gains more and more market share, this is likely to change. Better to be as prepared as possible. After all you don't go out on a Saturday night, meet a girl, take her home, put on a condom to stop you getting a Virus you already have, it is there as a prophylactic, to PREVENT you getting a Virus or other nasty ailment.

    As for the "Only" little things that it finds being Windows based Malware, if you use a machine on a professional basis, with both Windows and OSX machines, it makes sense to use AV to stop you inadvertently passing on nasty things to your Windows based Colleagues, where you don't even know you are doing it.

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  • Vulpinemac
    Apr 25, 09:43 AM
    It exists. There's no reason for it to exist. You can't disable it. And there are HUGE privacy implications should the file be accessed without your permission - by thieves, stalkers (or worse), advertisers, police, etc. - none of whom can access your cell company's location records, except authorities, and even then only by subpoena. Which means a judge has to agree that there's a good reason for them to need it.

    Why is the file even there in the first place?

    Ok, granted, it exists; what makes you think there's no reason for it to exist? Are you an Apple engineer? Obviously not. Should you disable it? I don't think so. Yes, there are privacy implications, but if the data is not collected by Apple and is inaccessible to anyone without physical access to the phone, then the majority of those implications are pure conjecture without any evidence to support it.

    On the other hand, by the phone having a database of cell towers and wifi hotspots, transfer of signal can be made much more efficiently by on-board software and automatic connection to known Wi-Fi locations is automatic, not forcing you to manually locate and connect every time. Among other things, this saves on battery power by eliminating the searching a phone has to do each time it loses signal as you move around. If you've done any long-distance travelling, I'm sure you can remember how your cell phone drank its battery in hours while you drove down the highway, yet after the first one or two trips along a given route, the iPhone seems to increase battery life when repeating that route. Logically speaking, the file really does improve the user experience.

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  • gugy
    Sep 10, 11:43 PM
    Very exciting.
    Hopefully on Tuesday we'll see besides the Movie Store:

    Widescreen video ipod with large capacity.

    Media center
    I look at that in two ways.
    One would be in form of Airport that we can stream video to my TV on the entertainment room.
    The other way an stand alone hardware with huge HD space, outputs to my TV , receiver, PVR, Superdrive, remote control and a way to hook up to the net to access Itunes Movie and Music store for downloads.

    I do think the Airport is a more feasible option. But I do like a lot the idea of a stand alone media center. Well, let's wait and see.

    Aug 7, 08:48 PM
    These sound sweet, I want one.

    But it's funny how the whole Mac Pro is a killer machine but they still neglect the video cards, seriously a nVidia Geforce 7300GT.

    Apr 20, 01:44 PM
    It will have an 8MP camera did we not read they are using Sony?

    Won't be a massive upgrade then? :confused:

    Mattie Num Nums
    May 4, 03:56 PM
    What about Enterprise users?

    May 4, 05:30 PM
    0% Operating Systems in the app store, yet somehow you know exactly how their going to change their politicly on both app store sales and general OS sales, while no one else has any hint that they're be any changes at all.

    He's just disagreeing with the notion that Apple somehow can't or won't make any adjustments when they start selling a radically different product through their app store. And common sense is on his side.

    Nobody knows anything yet about how the release will work, nothing is announced. Is it really so unreasonable to wait until actual information exists before having a hissy fit?

    Not to mention that it's a moot point anyway - if you're scared of the download version (regardless of the specifics), JUST BUY THE DVD.

    Apr 23, 07:36 PM
    They use a lot more CPU time to process though.

    Again, KDE 2.0, 10 years ago. My Pentium 2 333 mhz didn't break a sweat doing SVG icons then (the Krystal SVG icon theme). ;)

    I seriously doubt this is even an issue.

    You said yourself that wallpapers should be vector graphics. And by that, I presumed you meant the background in the subject of the thread. Safari supports SVG, but imo, it's not really a big thing that there's no support for it as a wallpaper. It's not the first thing people think of when they list Snow Leopard's shortcomings :P

    Sure it's not, but why bother making bigger and bigger pixel images when implementing vector art both has precedent (Gnome, KDE, all the Linux WMs or almost all of them) and is superior for this application.

    For images that can't be easily converted, I'm with you. But I don't understand the resistance to SVG support, which would be a decade late. Sure it's not a shortcoming, but in light of these stories, it would be a "nicer to have".

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