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  • Unspeaked
    Aug 11, 02:55 PM
    No more will there be a year between speed increases etc.

    Remember, we're almost at 6 months with the Mac Mini, and it's seen neither a chip upgrade nor a speed bump.

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  • QuarterSwede
    Nov 24, 08:13 AM
    Yet the hardware arm of Palm has said it might not buy the new sytem from the software arm.
    That's like shooting yourself in the foot! Morons!

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  • Thunderbird
    Apr 23, 04:30 PM
    Seeing as how the iPad 2 didn't get retina display, I doubt iMacs will.

    Imagine the cost of that!!

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  • Porscheboy16
    Aug 3, 11:09 PM
    Hopefully prior to Sept 16th so I can get the IPOD deal too.

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  • Multimedia
    Jul 21, 07:48 PM
    up the chips in the MBPs and up the speeds in the MBs?

    seems likely to me.Seems highly unlikely to me because above 2GHz, Merom's are way too expensive to go into MacBooks. But I would love to see 2GHz Meroms go into MacBooks sooner than later.

    On the MBP front, we should see them go up to 2.16 and 2.33 GHz Meroms very soon.

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  • ChazUK
    Mar 29, 01:10 PM
    That reads quite a bit different from Amazon's "... or as we determine is necessary to provide the Service ..."

    I'm not convinced it's as dire as people are making it out to be. Either way, both Apple and Amazon have full rights to access users files on both services for various reasons.

    What are your fears on the Amazon terms that don't exist on the MobileMe ones? (Perhaps I'm being dense so some clarification is in need!) :D

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  • Don't panic
    May 5, 04:44 PM
    We have axes. How about cutting a shortcut through a floor, wall, or ceiling :eek: .

    On another note, how many above ground floors does this house have ? From the outside, we would have seen how many floors the house has.

    if nothing happens in the next few minutes, i am about to prepare some goblin stew.

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  • paolo-
    Apr 10, 04:40 PM
    I don't think a typical mathematician would write this on paper using a "/", rather they would use a "_". Using / on anything more complex than x/y is very poor form.

    Here, I assume / is being used as MacRumors isn't set up for writing equations. So I asked myself how would I write this in _ format?

    I thought the answer would be-

    48 (9 + 3)

    Hence leading to 288.

    The problem is / leads to confusion because you don't know if the person typing wanted to use a _ but couldn't, it is the intention and use that is confusing, not the symbol itself. Nobody should have to use PEDMAS for something silly like this- people should write equations in a decent format.

    EDIT- using the x symbol is also something I don't like to do if I can avoid it. 5x6 or 5*6 not as good as 5(6) (or just xy if algebra is involved).
    Agreed. Anyhow, writing math with ascii characters sucks, however you put. Most people who aren't used to see math in ascii see / as a ______ and not as a direct translation of � or (...)^-1. Other than the people who blindly follow PEMDAS and think multiplication has a precedence over division, like our lovely math teacher did a couple posts above, I think the poll would tend a lot more towards 288 if the question was posted with TeX (or another proper form).

    I think this poll has more to do with how bad math can be written in plain characters than it has to do with the average person's understanding of math. Hey, I got it right, but I spend a lot of time using math and do see it a lot in plain characters, but I know most people aren't engineering students.

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  • Frazzle
    Nov 5, 05:15 AM
    If Apple made this carkit themselves, I bet that everyone here would accept the price with no questions asked.

    I'm glad that this device is not selling in Europe for the usual Apple rate of 1 dollar = 1 euro.

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  • rtharper
    Sep 11, 12:00 AM
    this event is going to be simulcast in LONDON. Does this mean that movies will be able to be purchased by folks in the UK??? as far as I know you still cant purchased TV shows sold through iTunes in the UK:confused:

    Strange Apple would work out US and UK movie distribution deals at the same time.

    Depends on who they're marketing. If its just US movie makers, or a small subset thereof, I see no reason why they shouldn't be working out contracts to distrubte them overseas. Of course, I haven't given this too much thought (the merom MBP overshadows this in my mind) so someone else might see a problem with it

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  • Multimedia
    Sep 16, 10:42 AM
    Is a slim, slot loading, Blu-Ray drive even manufactured? I've seen a few tray loading externals and a tray loading internal, but not a slot loading Blu-Ray drive of any type.Slot Load Blu-ray Drive Exists • Sony Sells Blu-ray VAIOsSony already sells a 1920x1200 VAIO� AR Blu-ray Disc™ enabled Notebook PC Model Number VGN-AR290G ( for only $3499.99. :D It has a Blu-ray burner too.

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  • quinney
    Apr 5, 02:37 PM
    So uh what exactly would Toyota lose if they tell Apple to stick it? At best all I can guess are licenses to use use an iPod trademark or something similar to integrate into the car stereo, if they even have that option. I can't think of anything else.

    Hundreds of millions of iPods have been sold, and people want to be able to control them through their cars' audio systems. Toyota knows the importance of this by the number of people who go into their showrooms and ask if their cars have this feature. I think it is really quite important and may be a deciding feature for people who are comparing cars of different brands, which are otherwise quite similar. Toyota is making a good business decision.

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  • Glideslope
    Mar 28, 10:55 AM
    You can update hardware silently on a different day and still dedicate time to the two major OSes. I don't see the big deal. The MacBook Pros got Quad Core/Thunderbolt treatment but there was only a press release. Shame the iPhone cycle will be slightly extended this year though but oh well.

    Sept 2011.

    iPhone 5 / iPad HD/Wi-Fi/3G/ New iMacs with SandyBridge Quads.

    Sept 2012

    iPhone 6 LTE / iPad 3 HD/LTE / Tinted/Smoke Transparent Aluminum. :apple:

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  • xfiftyfour
    Jul 29, 09:29 PM
    fortunately, i'm on cingular - great coverage, great phones, and a great probability of finding the supposed iPhone in the lineup.

    but, that would be admitting to actually believing this rumor, which, well.. what's the saying become? "new powerbooks next tuesday!" if you know what i mean...

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  • fivetoadsloth
    Apr 10, 07:25 PM
    Mathematica 8. As far as I am concerned the most powerful math software available. People don't shell out thousands of dollars for a product that can't do basic math.


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  • ViviUO
    Apr 21, 04:09 PM
    Good bye expandability, hello cooling issues!

    Seriously, why not just keep the xserve and leave the MP alone? Where are we supposed to stuff our upgrades into such a small form factor? Sounds really stupid.

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  • shadowx
    Sep 11, 01:23 AM
    I could care less about the Movie Store... or a video iPod... I just want to hear the following in the same sentence:

    "Core 2 Duo"; "Macbook Pro" ;)

    It likely will not happen on Tuesdsay, but I'm going to be very disappointed if it doesn't happen in the next few weeks... I'm not angry and I'm not a whiner - I'll just be a little disappointed, that's all.

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  • amac4me
    Sep 15, 04:27 PM
    It's very logical that updated MacBook Pro's will be announced. The current MacBook Pro's are referred to by Apple as "Early 2006".

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  • fixyourthinking
    Nov 26, 02:47 PM
    Wasn't there a video of a concept called "The Knowldge Navigator" that voice recognition, scheduling email, etc etc that was like a futuristic Newton?


    May 7, 12:07 PM
    Can it be free some time in the next...Week or so? They're about to charge my card, but I do want to keep using the service. $99 is a bit much but Find My iPhone is practically worth it alone.

    Jan 25, 07:05 AM
    Regarding using a case with the tom tom kit--I bought a casemate (comes shiny and somewhat rubberized) and it fits fine in my tomtom car kit.

    check out the website. maybe it's a solution for you.

    Thanks, that's good to know! Which case from them do you have?

    Apr 21, 04:51 PM
    wow! I just fired up my 3.2 mac pro w/ 5870 for the first time and this is what welcomes me? i feel so wronged...

    Apr 21, 05:05 PM
    I think the next Mac Pro refresh will be a huge milestone. Not only will it be the first case redesign in nearly a decade and add all the latest tech (USB3, sata III, thunderbolt, etc) but I believe Apple will take this opportunity to finally revise the pricing structure. Over the past few years, Apple has been making a clear shift towards the consumer market. Part of that is arguably negative ("dumbing things down") but the positive is more reasonable prices. The Mac Pro is the only computer left that hasn't been revised. My hope is that Apple will create a few models of the new Mac Pro, at least one of which is an affordable mid-range consumer tower starting under the the $2,000 mark.

    Unfortunately, they will probably wait to use the new performance desktop/server sandy bridge CPUs which Intel won't have ready until Q4 2011 (or later). If that's true then we won't see these new beauties until 1H 2012. :(

    If anything the pro will increase in price as its very much close to the price of the 27" iMac, which is hampering its sales. Also, don't hold your breath for USB3 - as far as Apple's concerned, USB3 is a dead technology.

    Apr 18, 05:23 PM
    So disappointed in how mac rumors is turning out. There is just good stuff about apple. Nothing about the 7% down in stock the last 16 days.

    Bah. Macrumors have gotten so terrible and flooded with people with anger problems and not enough mods to filter stuff.

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