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  • cherrypop
    Nov 22, 09:15 AM
    Herein will lie yet another concrete example of the difference between Steve Jobs and everyone else.

    I'm not saying that the iPhone will be a sure-fire hit. In fact, I fully expect a lot of Apple fans to be disappointed with the first revision.

    But Apple gets IT and won't have a failure on its hands simply by combining a phone and an iPod. Hell, that's why I use my Sony Ericsson W810i over my iPods: one device in my pocket.

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  • poppe
    Aug 3, 10:42 PM
    I can live with fast updates!!!! MBP Merom for college after all!!!

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  • Big D 51
    Apr 9, 07:26 PM
    this is the only way to do it, why is there even an other answer?

    That's what I thought.

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  • jeff303
    Aug 4, 04:56 PM
    i do not know the technical stuff, but i do know that if you had all 64-bit stuff, then it'd be a lot better than all 32-bit stuff. (i know i should use better termanology, but oh well)

    Ummm, that's not so clear to me. The only thing 64-bit gives you is more addressable memory. Oh, and some operations (like adding two doubles or longs) would only take one cycle on the integer unit, instead of more. Yeah... that's about it.

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  • mdntcallr
    Aug 11, 11:11 AM
    apple needs to introduce a computer which is between the mac mini and the mac pro tower.

    I want a mini tower, with 2 pci slots. you know something in the price range of $899-999 usd.

    where i can upgrade the graphics card or order it with a better graphics card.

    Some of us do not want to be tied to the imac screen/body. I love to be able to upgrade my own computer's graphics card.

    Cmon apple. give us a mid tier system we can upgrade ourselves. The Macmini just doesnt cut it. virtually the only thing in that we can chance is the CPU, Memory or hard drive.

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  • leomac08
    Apr 23, 04:23 PM
    I'm blind!!!!!:eek: my eyes!!!!

    Radical!!!!! lol

    Retina Display on a Mac is a +1

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  • pizzafunghi
    May 7, 03:45 PM
    Then they better improve the performance first. If they offered it free then more users would really bog down the current MobileMe

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  • flir67
    Nov 26, 11:51 AM
    the success of this tablet will really depend on its design. if its like the pc's ones that are ultra thin with no media drive and the swivel screen it might make it. but if its just a flat panel square single sided tablet then it will fail..

    it sounds like a macbook replacement. thinner and lighter same price.

    history will always repeat itself sometime.

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  • maccompaq
    Jan 5, 09:08 AM
    I don't use AV software on my Windows computers nor will I use it on my Macs.
    And believe it or not, I have not had an infection in all the years (many) that I have been on the net.

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  • Unspeaked
    Jul 21, 08:57 PM
    People, they only released the MacBooks two months ago!

    They're not gonna upgrade them in a matter of weeks.

    It'll be the new chips in the Pro models, and AT BEST a slight speedbump to the Black MacBook (maybe the 2.16 GHz chip)...

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  • toujames
    Apr 21, 11:22 PM
    Steve: "Introducing, the new iRack!" :D

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  • DotCom2
    Apr 20, 09:39 AM
    Looks like a specs upgrade to me. I�ll most likely skip this and buy the next revision. :)

    If this rumor is true and there is only going to be a spec bump, then I think a lot of people will feel this way and Apple knows this! Therefore, I think they will put some "gotta have" feature in iOS5 that will only be compatible with the new iPhone 5. Something like.......(your guess here).
    3D maybe?

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  • alent1234
    Mar 29, 11:56 AM
    Why not just use an app that lets you stream from your computer at home? why pay for online storage when you already have it?

    they expect most people to use it from an android phone with very little local storage. and they already built out AWS over the last few years and this is just monetizing some of the extra capacity they have. they are probably using single instance storage for the music so it's not like there are going to be thousands of copies of every song on their servers

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  • paolo-
    Apr 9, 08:24 PM
    Kind of a stupid way to write it. That's why most people add unnecessary parentheses when writing equations on a computer in ascii.

    My answer would be 288.

    My official answer : slap in your face.

    I don't see how people end up with 2? What ever PEMDAS is (french-Canadian here). A division is just the inverse of a multiplication, how could one have precedence over the other (same for addition and subtraction)? 48(1/2)(9+3) gives the same answer. It sounds like a lot of people don't really understand what they are doing but rather following a magic spell.

    The confusion really is what is being divided is it 2 or 24. Even if you follow pemdas you should end up with :



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  • Piggie
    Apr 24, 05:57 AM
    That issue could have been largely solved if they had just faced a standard high end GPU with the intake facing towards the back and the exhaust on the side. But Apple is too vain to put a vent on the rear of the iMac to accomodate the intake of a high quality GPU, let alone a slim exhaust vent on the side.

    If they had simply used a standard GPU like that it would have opened up quality gaming on the Mac and made it simple to upgrade to newer cards so that people didn't have to chuck the entire computer every time they wanted a new video card.

    I'm sure you are right.

    Given a bit of good design work on Apples part, when I say good design I mean, technically good as opposed to artistically good.

    And in conjunction with Nvidea/ATI (personally I still like Nvidea as they seem more on the ball with Tessalation and Cuda programming for offloading CPU work onto the GPU)

    A "Spread out" design, given the large rear metal surface are of an iMac and a few very neat vents to pull in cool air using a slow well designed fan, from the side or bottom and exhausting the warm air on the other side/top could be well within technical possibilities. And would address the weak spot Apple have had for a decade or two.

    But, as has been said, Apple seem to fear this market as they seem to think they can't compete, and if you know you can't compete it's best not to enter the race. They want to go for poorer quality graphics, or we can use the term that sounds better than that.

    The casual gamer.

    Quite why this Apple created concept to cover their weak point should be happy with less quality/detail is unsure to me.

    It's like saying people what watch films all the time and enjoy them should have the best picture quality we can deliver.

    However, those who just watch the occasional movie should be happier with a lower quality image.

    Kind of a strange concept when you think about it. and really we should all accept it's just a created excuse to excuse away a weak area as I said.

    But, as you quite rightly said. Apple are too vein to spoil, in their mind the cosmetic look of an iMac by adding in cooling slits to allow for higher end graphics cards.
    A shame really as if they had taken graphics a lot more seriously 15 or 20 years ago, they could be kings of this sector now.

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  • vartanarsen
    Apr 18, 03:36 PM
    Wow. Any breakdowns of what patents Samsung are allegedly infringing on that our local patent experts can give some insight into?

    probably the use of Capacative technologies over resistive (less desireable)

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  • ticman
    Nov 13, 06:31 AM
    Good for you Marvel2. How about a review after you use it. Tstreete did a great one but another perspective is always welcomed.

    BTW do you use Navigon? Did you get the Live Traffic update? Love to hear how they each or both worked with the kit.


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  • Rodimus Prime
    Mar 28, 11:43 AM
    wasn't that samsung's fault with the custom UI they put on the phone and issues with 2.3?

    even if it was not the custom UI there would still be blocking by AT&T claiming "testing" That and every phone has some underlining drivers and what not that is closed source that needs to be updated and what not.

    And as I said before clearly it is not samsung's fault. Captivated is a GalaxyS phone.
    Captivated is running android 2.1 while over in Europe it is getting the 2.3 updated. Tell me who is at fault there. Clearly not Samsung. Samsung has pointed the finger back at the carriers here multiple times.

    Google release update. You have to give the manufactures at least 3 months to update their stuff then you get trapped in the carrier crap endlessly.

    The manufactures are also finally starting to figure out that people do not want all that custom crap but at the same time you have to look at it from the manufactures point to view. The custom UI makes them seperate from everyone else. Other wise it would just different hardware and nothing else separting them. This way that all have their own custom UI. At least they are starting to figure out that all they need to control is the launcher and they can start backing out going as deep. This is good for us,.

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  • cecildk9999
    Nov 22, 05:50 AM
    A single network might be interested if they feel that the features in the Apple phone will gain them new customers.

    End-users would still be able to buy a phone separately and use their existing SIM of course. But as this is so different to the entrenched practice in the UK, it would have to be a very good device.

    I think T-Mobile might fit this bill, at least in the US. I remember seeing a story here earlier in the year where T-Mobile said its vision was aligned with Apple (but not necessarily a partnership; abc article here ( T-Mobile wants to win customers, and a sleek new phone that's easy to use may get some real good word of mouth. Of course, Apple can still sell the phone separately, but the key would be to get all of the carriers to pick it up. If a T-Mobile pairing could build a base and generate some strong 'switcher' sales, other companies may want to jump on the bandwagon as quickly as possible.

    May 7, 01:13 PM
    I've had the service for over 4 years and I have never paid full price.
    I would not mind if they lowered the price to say $49/annually or even tiered pricing, but all out free scares me a little.

    Apr 16, 01:23 AM
    And I don't expect that any Chinese business man pays close to what they should on paper. We have loopholes in the tax code. They have loopholes in general.

    Given you get the death penalty for tax evasion I would expect people would be pretty keen to pay their taxes.

    Mar 29, 09:40 AM
    Just remember part of this is that if you buy Amazon digital products they are added to cloud service and they not counted towards the limit. That for me makes the 5gb or 20gb less to worry about. Same price itunes and amazon but free hosting in the cloud as a backup who would you choose?

    This is a very exciting prospect. You want 2 dogs fighting it out to make each other better.

    Sep 16, 03:10 PM
    Quick question,

    Is it possible to order online and pick up in a specified store when available?

    This would be the most convinient way for me to purchase when the new MBP's come out.

    if the new mpbs come out

    Aug 7, 07:14 PM
    There are many of you I want to beat with a spiky stick right now. Let's consolidate you into one bullet-point list of whiners:

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