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  • redsoxunixgeek
    Dec 31, 08:51 PM
    I use Sophos. And it is awesome, easy to use, and would recommend it to everyone, including their pure message mail sanitizing program. Best on the Market, especially when used with a Barracuda Firewall.

    Now My VPN policy for ALL users, is when they sign on to the VPN they have a host check that verifies

    1. Anti Virus Software is installed

    2. The Machine signing in has been scanned for viruses within the last 3 days prior to sign in.

    3. The AV software is updated with the latest updates.

    If all 3 pass, (plus their RSA Key and their Digital Certificate) then they can sign in,

    If not, they go to download it.

    This is just common sense in my opinion, and good practice for those of us that are short staffed and need to protect our network resources.

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  • kntgsp
    Apr 24, 04:52 AM
    Apple's problem is that they put "Looks" before performance.

    They crippled their chances of ever becoming a serious competitor to the PC for games due to deciding to use giant laptops on a stand which meant they could not cool any decent graphics cards, handing the gaming crown to the PC for years on a plate.

    As for the future who knows.

    That issue could have been largely solved if they had just faced a standard high end GPU with the intake facing towards the back and the exhaust on the side. But Apple is too vain to put a vent on the rear of the iMac to accomodate the intake of a high quality GPU, let alone a slim exhaust vent on the side.

    If they had simply used a standard GPU like that it would have opened up quality gaming on the Mac and made it simple to upgrade to newer cards so that people didn't have to chuck the entire computer every time they wanted a new video card.

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  • alust2013
    May 6, 01:30 AM
    Apple's got their hands down Intel's pants as well, don't forget that. Who has exclusive rights to Thunderbolt for now, and early access to the Z68 chipset? That's right, Apple.

    Sure, they may be investing in ARM, but to switch architectures again and piss a lot of people off in the process, I think not. I'm saying it's vaporware until ARM delivers with better processors that they have promised (remind you of the 3GHz promise with the G5?) Even at that, they would have to beat Intel, who has better experience, reputation, resources and establishment.

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  • Eidorian
    Aug 11, 10:25 AM
    They are already available, these are standard PC parts now remember.'s Conroe. Merom can be put into the current iMac/Mac Mini. If you're adventureous to open the machines up or getting a third party installation. Otherwise you're looking at an entire logic board replacement for the laptops. It's probably better just to wait and buy an entire new laptop.

    There is no current Mac that this chip can "drop into", apart from maybe a Mac Pro, but going from a Woodcrest to a Conroe would be a downgrade in that case.

    The Merom that should eventually go into the iMac, mini, MBP and MacBook are currently not on sale to the consumer.

    Read the Guide...

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  • vito
    Apr 6, 07:18 AM
    Well I don't quite agree that Apple, if tasked with designing a car, couldn't add to the industry. You say a car has a computer in it but that does not mean Toyota knows how to make a good looking GUI for an OS. They tried and it looks horrible. But they didn't have to create the OS to try. Same thing for Apple in this hypothetical. I'm not talking about Apple designing brake systems etc. I'm talking about what it would be like if Apple had the chance to take control of the design elements with feedback from engineers in the field of course.

    Apple brought design elements to desktops and delivered us from the tan box tower. That has been the appeal of Apple for a while now. So what would the people at Apple do if tasked with modifying car design? A better job that toyota did with iOS I''m sure.

    Yup, if Apple we're to rise to the challenge I don't see why they couldn't come up with something "different". Toyota work on volume, where as BMW and Audi probably focus more on "design".

    Wonder what Clarkson from Top Gear would make of an Apple iCar :D

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  • D4F
    Apr 20, 07:13 AM
    The nice thing this time around is that everyone seems to have such low expectations that Apple can only meet or exceed them :D

    Yet they will stay in line for two days to pay premium for it.
    Apple has one great thing.... a lot of quarter-brain organisms that pump $$ to their pocket.

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  • jnpy!$4g3cwk
    Nov 11, 09:28 AM
    Blah blah blah. Lack of AV software makes Macs very unattractive to business settings.

    One of the barriers to integrating Macs into corporate and business environments is the lack of anti-virus tools. Yeah, you can dismiss this as FUD (and maybe there's some truth to that) but the fact remains--someday, one way or another, there will be a Mac OS X virus. I defy you to find one IT dept. in the country that wants to be caught off-guard by that. If you're going to have Macs in a business environment, the IT staff needs to know that they're protected in the event of an OS X virus outbreak. Whether any OS X viruses exist now or not and whether AV companies are trying to sell products with FUD is irrelevant in that context.

    Those of you who want to see wider adoption of Macs in business environments ought to be happy to see this kind of thing showing up, regardless of whether you personally need it or not.

    Yes, a lot of organizations require Macs to run AV software to protect Windows machines from each other. The idea is to make sure that infected documents don't get forwarded through Macs from one Windows box to another.

    Since I haven't been that happy with NAV, I decided to try Sophos. After a day or two, something mysteriously trashed all my account desktop settings, so, I uninstalled it. It might be a complete coincidence, or, it might be something related to Sophos-- I didn't have the time to figure it out. YMMV. But, I do suggest some deliberate testing before adopting it on a wider scale.

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  • ghostlines
    Mar 27, 03:57 AM
    I think this implies that they'll be spending more time on Lion. Which they should now focus on in my opinion. I know it's a large company but sometimes you need to dedicate some yourself to one thing at a time. Especially if they want Lion to live up to it's name.

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  • Stelph
    Mar 30, 03:26 AM
    Hammer, meet nail head. I'm an American, and unfortunately I must agree with iliketyla's assessment. There is this incredible sense of entitlement that has pervaded American culture. So many people want at least $20 per hour, but [insert deity or lack of one here] forbid they should lift more than two pounds.

    Enter the illegal immigrants, who find the pay good enough to live on, not to mention the location, location, location. Hmm... $5 an hour harvesting lettuce heads for hours on end, or dodging drug-cartel bullets in Ciudad Juarez day and night. Not too tough a decision for me, and IMHO one worth the risk of getting caught by US border police.

    Here in the UK a couple of months ago there was quite a good program on this, where a group of Brits who were unemployed and were very vocally against immigrants "coming over here and taking our jobs" were given the chance to work alongside them in the same job to see how they would do.

    Turned out the vast majority of the Brits were very lazy and undermotivated, the work was sub-par and they gave the impression that they just felt that as they had been born in the UK they were entitled to a job rather than entitled to it because they worked hard. That being said, there were two guys who I had a lot of respect for as at the start of the program they were the same as the others, but then picked up an "anything that they can do, I can do better" mentality and totally committed themselves to the job, as it turned out they did very well and by the end they were offered jobs as they showed they were good workers

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  • tehdee
    Jul 22, 05:43 PM
    it's probably the people who just bought macbook pro's a few weeks ago. hah!

    glad i haven't bought a macbook pro yet. must have merom! woooohoooooo!

    seven months from now, some yutz is going to be saying the same thing about merom.

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  • ChickenSwartz
    Aug 11, 09:20 AM
    It would be cool for them to keep the yonah in the low-end MacBook. That way with the price drop they could get back to a $999 entry-level notebook.

    Merom definitely in the Black Macbook though, if this is true.

    Great News! Still hoping for a case redesign in the MBP for mine. :)

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  • Apple OC
    Apr 20, 12:22 AM
    this seems very likely .... looking forward

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  • MacbookSwitcher
    Mar 29, 03:26 PM
    While I would tend to agree that there are good American companies and not all of them have shoddy products, you listed a lot of companies that either don't have a physical product, or their products are manufactured overseas.

    Apple's computers are assembled overseas, Google's phones are made by foreign countries, I'm not aware of any physical product made by Yahoo, Microsoft is a software on so forth.

    That has nothing to due with quality. It's due to low manufacturing costs.

    And in many cases making software or services requires more brainpower and sophistication than making a physical product. Japan has yet to produce a world-class software company outside of video games.

    So this "American products are low quality" argument just doesn't hold water any way you look at it.

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  • zim
    Nov 22, 07:21 AM
    I'm hoping for Apple to sell them. I think it is about time we break away form the buy into the plan get your phone deal. I would be willing to pay for a phone if it was of good quality and had usable features.. unlike the junk phones that I have had.. my current phone doesn't even have a working screen but since I was told it is my problem I decided why fix it? none of the options ever worked with my mac :mad:

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  • ten-oak-druid
    Apr 7, 01:21 PM
    Apple is anticompetitive and should be shut down. By producing products customers want when others in the industry can't, they are forcing the competition out of business.

    If Apple is not shut down, they should be forced to only sell the products designed by RIM and Google, while Google and Rim can build any Apple product they want. Apple also needs to be forced to fire their QC department. While they are at it, they might want to replace their marketing department with a bunch of rabid chimps. They might also be forced to purchase advertising for RIM.

    Apples cash reserves also give them an unfair advantage. Perhaps they should give half their money to RIM. Perhaps Apple should design and build the products and sell them, however, RIM and Google would get the money.


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  • DCBass
    Nov 26, 02:53 PM

    This is absolutely how it should look.

    The only thing missing is the name emblazoned on the bottom edge.

    I dub thee ... (drumroll please....)


    I called it first. :D

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  • mduser63
    Jul 30, 01:14 AM
    I don't think I've hated any company so passionately as I hate Verizon. I have not one positive word to say about them. If/when Apple announces a phone, I'll pay the early termination fee on my Verizon contract and jump to the carrier with Apple's phone. Hopefully that'll be Cingular.

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  • Watabou
    Apr 23, 04:44 PM
    That is awesome. I can't wait for a Retina display Macbook Pro. Yeah!

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  • paradox00
    May 4, 04:44 PM
    Just preferred?

    That only means an Option right? Still going to be DVD/USB Stick?

    Because if it was App Store only, what about people with Leopard or earlier?

    The article's not that long of a read.

    Jul 30, 09:30 AM
    what are the odds that apple, in order to reinvent the mobile experience, has teamed with a voip chip maker etc. to provide mobile voice and video (ichat mobile) over IP?

    this somehow makes more sense than co-branding a unit or "piggy backing" onto current carriers... then again, failure on this scale would be the biggest "jump the shark" moment in their history.

    You'd have to have an open WiFi network anywhere you wanted to make a phone call. WiFi is not NEAR the coverage level of cell service. In my opinion, VOIP cell phones are way overhyped. When WiBro is widespred and ubiquitous, then maybe.

    Apr 25, 09:47 AM
    No, he's saying Apple does not track your location. There has been no evidence that any of the location information leaves your phone/computer. Whether that file should exist or not is another debate.

    Google servers are receiving every single bit of tracking info. Apple�s servers don�t. As easy. Let�s not forget this big picture here.

    Is there a link to a site showing that Google logs the tracking info on their servers?

    Many of the arguments on this issue seem to centre on the fact that Android's onboard log only stores the most recent entries and then deletes them, but if they're uploaded to Google that would not only nullify that point, but provide an excellent (and legitimately frightening) counter example.

    Sep 16, 11:17 AM
    so help me out here..

    BTO = anything purchased online? (even if the config doesnt change at all on a MBP) vs. me walking into a store and getting one today?

    what im getting at is i would like a Merom MBP but if i want to take advantage of the iPod edu deal i have to buy today, the 16th.

    so then if i get the current MBP id have to keep it unopened until the announment on the 24th? then take it back to the store?

    if ship dates go into October, when will the stores have em in stock?

    does that make any sense :DI think if you risk it, they may let you keep the premiums. I forgot about the deadline today. That would indicate they may announce the new MBPs Tuesday as others have predicted already according to the student Free iPod offer deadline. Thanks for the reminder and good luck.

    Aug 2, 12:29 PM
    Due to hazardous substances contained within.

    To be clear... that was for the standalone iSight camera not the embedded iSight camera's available in the iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro, etc.

    Dec 5, 11:33 AM
    The apple website lists the price as 119 + tax with free shipping.

    Yeah, that's how I got the $130....its 10% tax here in CA!

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