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  • iliketyla
    Mar 29, 02:44 PM
    Yes, didnt you know?

    Every country outside the US lives in poverty, where families must raise 17 children to send them out to work, and must fight to the death over food.

    Maybe Japan was a stretch, but the part about China is absolutely not an overstatement.

    Or perhaps the entire debacle at Foxconn has fallen on deaf ears?

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  • poppe
    Aug 3, 11:42 PM
    Wow! Tip of the hat to Apple and Intel. But why aren't the Blue Man on my TV selling the Core 2 Duo? Somebody tell them to put the LSD away and get to a studio.

    And of course, nobody's talking about the elephant in the room. These new chips are SIXTY FOUR BIT BABY. Is 32-bit the new G4? Cuz we all know the G4 is the new G3.

    64-bit OSX by the end of the year perhaps? With quadruple binaries to support the G4, the G5, the Core Duo, and the Core Duo 2? Or will Apple deny us our 64-bit freedom?

    64 Bit has been talked alot about. There is a thread called 64 Bit Core Duo (why not core 2 duo, I don't know) acctually I think, but I know nothing about it so I can't comment. It won't make 32 bit things even close to G4. 64 Bit, from what i've read, isn't really optimized until two things: the operating system is ready to manage it, and the software is designed for it. The Core 2 duo will be faster than the core duo, but for multiple reasons and not only on the 64 bit computing.

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  • BMcCoy
    Mar 27, 01:00 PM
    iPad 2 HD

    coming september 2011

    $999 / �799

    same specs and design as 64GB iPad 2, but with 2048x1536 screen, at 264ppi.

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  • AppleIntelRock
    Sep 16, 03:14 PM
    some days i feel like a dell owner :(

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  • Tapiwa
    Apr 20, 05:49 AM
    Wow, so many people pulling **** out of their ass and presenting it as FACT :rolleyes:

    No one has a damn clue what Apple is up to, the secrecy is bigger than ever but the so called "analysts" continue making stuff up to justify their paycheck...
    Of course they always have "their sources" and "people familiar with the matter" :rolleyes:

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  • ABernardoJr
    May 6, 01:22 AM
    No.. They make mobile processors. Low power usage.
    If you read the article again, it ays the rumor is for laptops. Very doubtful apple will move the desktop line to an ARM processor as there is nothing that competes with the current tech.
    For laptops (specifically the air), the move may make sense. I don't see apple moving the whole macbook pro line to ARM. maybe the airs and the regular macbooks.

    The short story is that Apple is moving the laptop line, and presumably desktops too, to ARM based chips as soon as possible.

    Anyway the main reason why I feel reluctant about this hypothetical (and I stress hypothetical) situation is the potentiality of troubles that would come from transitioning everything again (like others have said).

    P.S. Is anyone else slightly concerned with the site's name being "SemiAccurate"? lol It's just a name of course and I'm half joking, but still :D

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  • JyveAFK
    Apr 18, 03:48 PM
    Image hotlinked from ;
    but I see all this as obvious evolution from;

    Sure, it's capactive now, and higher rez, but it's still a bunch of scrollable icons on a phone to launch apps.

    Wonder if the tablets they're going for are pre-honeycomb or post? It'd be hard to compare Honeycomb UI to anything Apple's currently doing, and any tablet prior to that, there's surely plenty of prior art android tablets? There were a whole bunch (admittedly lousy chinese cheap rubbish) tablets being demo'd at every tech conference for a year before Apple even admitted they had a tablet to sell.

    The tablets have to be included I guess, but it's going to be hard work. The phones are the obvious vector they're going for, they do have UI patents, but when it comes down to it, and other phone manufacturers (or rather their lawyers) see how much money is involved, I can see it getting messy as everyone who had a phone with buttons on it (and there are many) will want to take a shot.

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  • toddybody
    Mar 31, 08:48 AM
    Hey Devs, any info on TRIM support for Lion?

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  • bassfingers
    Apr 22, 11:47 AM
    It would be a lot harder to cheat a value added tax than income tax.

    Plus it would take no time or money to fill out

    it would naturally put a larger burden on the rich who spend more

    it would be simple to raise/lower

    It would naturally exempt charitable giving

    it would reduce the tax-code a few thousand pages

    It would reduce the need to pay to keep up the IRS program

    nobody would be in debt to the IRS

    Payroll taxes would be easier to manage

    My dad spends two full weeks, and hire personal assistants in order to file taxes as it is. Value added tax instead of income tax would be a blessing

    or even a less complicated flat income tax rate would be an improvement

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  • onigami
    May 6, 02:00 AM
    This story broke 5 minutes ago and I'm already over it... Who cares if Apple wants to use something they think is new and revolutionary? Your opinion isn't going to stop them. While you're over here thinking "I can't do bootcamp with ARM" Apple is thinking "Bootcamp will be obsolite when we get done here" :apple:

    You must really love the stuff you write. You must also love the sound your voice makes when it talks. Since clearly what we write will have no impact whatsoever, why bother even having a forum? Hell, why even write a post like that?
    Get that iPhone out of your ass, seriously.

    You know how long it takes me to create an ARM version of my code on the Mac App Store?

    Two minutes.

    What do you want, a gold star? A cookie?

    Your app is prolly simple enough that you could do that. Consider more complex apps such as games and video-editing that require extensive use of the x86 architecture. That's the real problem.

    And in all seriousness, that is the real issue. Switching from x86 to ARM RISC is a really big problem because the benefit of x86 is that so much work has been done on it, porting Windows apps and/or games is simply a software coding issue as opposed to hardware. Even if ARM had comparable processes to x86 to compensate to some degree, that's still another series of steps to go through.

    And there's no real reason or benefit for them to switch to ARM. They have an incredibly solid partnership with Intel (they got Thunderbolt first, for Pete's sake), and what devices that could use ARM-like processors are already built in-house. If they really wanted a low-cost processor for laptops (again, no beneficial reason), they could just go for the AMD's Trinity platform with Fusion APUs. They already have Radeon GPUs in their entire lineup, don't see why they can't switch. Or even better, just build x86 chips in-house like they do with the A series.

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  • wclyffe
    Jan 9, 10:49 AM
    it definitely is a strong consideration with a few add'l features for $10 more ... including that it works w/ both iphone and ipod touch, works w/ cases/skins, rotation notches seem firmer, and bluetooth works while off mount ... if you can get over the overall cost, the extra $10 is probably worth it.

    i received the TT car kit as a gift ... and enjoying it every day :D

    Yeah, the cost is not a huge issue for me as with either car kit, I get a permanent dock that I can pop my phone into and get enhanced gps service, charging, bluetooth speakerphone, and line out to my stereo system. It's pretty good from one unit. Glad yours is working out for you!

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  • Dr.Gargoyle
    Nov 22, 06:12 AM
    No, the rumor mill has been grinding on the iPhone for several years. Apple hasn't necessarily been working on it for that long.
    I do think I remember an interview with an Apple of official where the interviewer asked something about a possible Apple iPhone and got a reply claiming that Apple haven't been sitting idle.
    I have no doubt that Apple have been working on this for years. The problem is that Apple has a lot to live up to when it comes to design and GUI. They just can't afford another Rokr fiasco.

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  • jaison13
    Apr 6, 06:28 PM
    Nice...I'm glad to have a more rare piece of hardware. I love mine and have no issues, it'll only get better over time.Reminds me of the days of the RAZR, that's what the iPhone and iPad have become.

    Honda sells a TON more cars than BMW by a huge factor...I'd rather drive a BMW, I guess you're all happy with the Hondas :)

    that is a joke?? the xoom is a hugo. it's supposed better chipset can't muster anything need the actual speed of the ipad 2. framerate, better on ipad. polygon and pixel rendering faster on the ipad 2, apps better on the ipad 2. the xoom only wins on bugs, more on the xoom!! even the camera takes better pictures on the ipad 2!!!

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  • aldejesus
    Mar 30, 11:05 PM
    Good catch, I thought I saw 15"

    I was sharing this because I found it interesting, its supposed to be just 384MB shared. Just thinking if Lion enables more memory shared??:rolleyes:

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  • spencecb
    Aug 11, 03:47 PM
    Does anyone think that this is a bit much to announce at Paris?

    But all of it, I think everyone would agree, has to come out before the Christmas shopping season.

    So lets break it down into two events, presuming that its too much for Paris.

    Paris will either see hardware (i hope) or iPod upgrades.

    Then, in late October I'm guessing, in time for the holidays, the new iPods will be released. They will also therefore beat Zune to the market.


    I response to your question of if we think this is too much for Apple to announce at the Paris Expo, I think we have to keep the following in mind: Apple has entered an entirely new ballpark with the switch to Intel. No longer can our big gains in performance and new products only come to us at WWDC, MWSF, and MWParis.

    I have said it before, and I will say it again. Apple will adopt a new strategy for advancing their hardware. We will start seeing speed bumps and other upgrades announced quietly on Apple's website. We have already seen this with the MBP.

    If Apple wants to keep their rock-star like image of when they release new products or major upgrades to their product line, they will adopt more special events like we had this past year, and a couple in 2005. For example: The introduction of the iMac G5 w/Front Row and iSight or when the Mac Mini went Intel. I believe Apple will make better use of these types of events.

    The big dogs (WWDC, MWSF, MWParis) will remain launch pads for new/updated products, but will not be the only source from now on.

    With the switch to Intel, we have entered a very aggressive world, and a much larger range of dedicated processors for different product lines. It is quite exciting.

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  • Multimedia
    Jul 22, 04:45 PM
    i'm still baffled why nobody's answered my question. anyone with a g5 powermac upgrade to an off the shelf video card yet?

    i wonder about video card compatibility because i don't see a single driver on nvidia or ati for mac. and the specifications for the 1900 xfx and nvidia 7950 both don't even list mac compatibility. this is really making me think twice about buying from apple.

    anyone please help??You have to buy your Mac Video cards from Apple or from ATI which makes some retail models. But none of ATI's retail models are PCIe yet - IE they will not go into Dual Core G5's including the Quad and obviously not in what's next. Can't count on any PC version of anyone's cards working in Macs. Sorry. Sad but true.

    I wish someone would tell me I'm wrong on this please. I don't want to be right. :( I want to buy an ATI PCIe Dual DVI card for my Quad, but no such animal exists.

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  • mdntcallr
    Aug 11, 11:01 AM
    I would be happier if they announced the new model asap. and shipped asap. i need a new laptop now.

    but... honestly, Apple needs to differentiate between macbook and macbook pro lines. so i bet the macbook update will merely be and update in speed to the higher speed versions of the chips they already have.

    why? i just don't think Intel will be churning out the new merom chips fast enough to put them in all the Macbooks. and the mini's.

    Also, isnt the Imac supposed to get the other version of the new Intel chip? you know... Core 2 Duo desktop (Conroe). cause They just came with a nice 64 bit chip. my bet is this chip will show up somewhere also. and it will be in the Imac and maybe even macmini.

    Apple is probably going to spread out the chips they use, cause they won't be getting tons of each one in too much volume. and the desktop versions will offer better performance for the desktop models. ie imac and possibly the macmini.

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  • chaosbringer
    Apr 27, 03:24 PM
    How exactly is a PSU at the bottom going to aid cooling? Heat Rises . . . . so anything above the PSU gets even hotter, this is why traditionally PSUs are at the top of the case.

    Aids with the psu cooling, cooler psu = expanded lifetime and less noise on fans at the BOTTOM of the case there is cool air (at least cooler then on top, since hot air rises), that means if the PSU is on the bottom it gets cool air and expells hot hair out the back of the case (NOT inside the case, meaning NO hot air coming out of the PSU back will stay in the case and get things even hotter).

    Hope i was clear since english is not my primary language, but i think it's quite simple :)

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  • PlipPlop
    Apr 26, 03:11 PM
    Well done Android, long may you reign over the smartphones.

    May 6, 05:46 AM
    Why migrate at all? Why not support both architectures? They do now. Intel for the high performance guys and ARM for the cheap and easy guys.

    The iPad is already positioned as a notebook replacement for the light web surfing, e-mail, e-Book crowd. An ARM based "executive" laptop that extends this for presentations, light document work, etc is just plain obvious.

    Nov 27, 12:29 AM
    There will NOT be a tablet - there is ZERO market for it.
    A device already exists that does the work of a tablet PC - its called an iBook.

    IF you want a really cheap tablet - try pen and paper.

    Apr 26, 09:16 AM
    That is Fuji-san, and that's how it looks....

    Always nice when someone goes public with their ignorance...

    To be fair, it doesn't always have that color scheme. I've taken several pictures of Fuji, and none have that particular color scheme.


    Jul 22, 01:17 AM
    Geez!!! The Intel Imac has been out since what Janurary? Should the Imac not be the next to upgrade? Will it go with Conroe or Meron? Maybe a better videocard?

    I'm with you -X-

    Doesn't the iMac use the same intel chip as the MBP? Why all the hoohah about an impending MBP release, when it might also mean an upgrade for the iMac - which hasn't been bumped since it's announcement in Jan?

    Now before I'm lambarsted because the iMac is not a 'pro' machine, I am a professional graphic designer and I am in the market for one.

    Bring on the merom iMac! :cool:


    Apr 6, 06:20 PM
    It seems to me that things have gone wildly off topic. The story was "Motorola Xoom Tablet Sales: Approximately 100,000 Units So Far?" not "Android vs. Apple: Which One Sucks More?"

    We should be discussing the validity of the numbers and why this is the case, and not strictly "mine is longer than yours and here's why." Save those rants for a comparison of the devices story.

    LOL! Unfortunately, this seems to go with the territory. Mention Android and it's bound to start a battle. Just like mention AT&T or Verizon and the flames start flying. It's silly, but fun to watch the banter.

    100,000 or even 200,000 units is not good news for Moto. If sales don't increase quickly, retailers will loose interest and focus on what sells - the iPad.

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