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Weird Design cakes art for eating

A confessed lover of this candy, Jeanne manages the "Art Cake confectioner's shop, a place where cakes are work of art.

Who doesn't like a visually attractive food? With a relatively simple recipe and because of thousands of flavor possibilities, cakes crosses centuries and cultures performing, beyond the alimentary task, an affective part for families and other kinds of social structures -- something with its size and the ornaments above them (frostings, flowers, fruits...); at weddings, for example, it's an important thing until the present days.
But these art cakes can disturb on a funny way such things, inventing pies with references to tastes, eccentricities and moments of the honored people. Thus, for instance, the American confectioners Eric Vass and Rufus are specialists on cakes with geek motifs, like the Mario Bros. cakes and the console shaped cakes.
Some of them go to the strangest extremes. The English designer Michelle Wibowo develops, among others, pies projects with the shape of babies for celebrating births and birthdays -- but we still wander who would like to eat a copy the celebrated person. The intriguing work has even a video showing how the comestible sculpture is prepared.

But the Art Cake House is almost a factory. Jeanne and her team are able to produce the most dazzling cakes we had ever seen. Taken by the taste of the client, the set of themes is almost infinite. From St. Peterburg to all the parts of Europe depart pies with the shape of houses, touristic attractions, maps, pirate trunks and so on. They are all presented with a perceptive passion sign which emanates from the artist -- who is used to publish her gallery, hints for dough and stuffing, and keeps a weblog with the other confectioners.

To the Brazilian confectioner Flávia Millás, those artistic cakes stumble at a single inconvenient: they can be visually wonderful, but not so tasty... On many places around the world, reasons Millás, people are used to non-stuffing cakes, but it isn't the Brazilian taste. Our challenge is making such things with stuffing. It's easy to be only beautiful, it's easy to be only tasty. The hard part is uniting the both. Well, the hard part really is devouring such impressive sculptures. Although that... not so much!

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